John Soss

Interview With John Soss, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Jam Productions

John Soss is the Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Jam Productions, a Chicago-based concert promoter. He has been employed at Jam since his college days when he started as an unpaid intern.

In his free time, he explores the beaches of Chicago and its surrounding region in search of remnants from around the world that have washed up on shore. He photographs these objects to create compositions that move, delight, and tell you a lot about this place.

Early Life and Education

He is a Chicagoan and currently works as the vice president of marketing and media relations for legendary concert and special events producer Jam Productions. With a degree in arts administration from Columbia College, he first joined Jam as an unpaid intern during his senior year of college.

He specializes in what he refers to as “discovery.”

John Soss spends his free time running his company’s social media accounts or working on concert promotions for Pitchfork and The Eagles. On weekends, he wanders Chicago beaches searching for items that have been lost or tossed into the lake. He collects what he can and arranges it into patterns on sheets of paper at his North Side flat, photographing each step with his cell phone camera.

Professional Career

John Soss is the Marketing Vice President for Jam Productions, a Chicago-based concert and special events producer. He has been employed there since the early ’90s and has successfully promoted concerts across America – from 100-seat clubs to football stadiums.

His most recent works include the photo series “On The Beach.” These pictures capture objects he finds along Lake Michigan’s beaches, such as drug paraphernalia, shotgun shells and doll parts that have washed ashore.

He specializes in Welfare, Politics, Political economy, Public administration and Corporate governance. His Welfare research covers topics such as Social policy, Welfare state, Public economics and Sanctions/Punishment; while his Politics work encompasses Citizenship issues, Racial politics issues, Redress mechanisms and Public relations strategies.

Achievements and Honors

John Soss began his professional life juggling various part-time jobs. One of them involved setting up chairs for live concerts featuring Buddy Rich and his big band. Additionally, he found time to write, collect and bike. Eventually he developed a beachcombing routine which culminated in nearly daily photo posts of items found along Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

He is particularly proud of his accomplishments in teaching, which have earned him numerous awards. A particular highlight was helping establish the Fine Arts Program at Loyola Schools (2000) and later serving as its founding Director. Furthermore, he has represented the school at numerous international festivals and conferences. For his dedication to students, he received the Metrobank Award for Continuing Excellence and Service in Teaching for 2001.

Personal Life

Discovery is at the heart of John Soss’ work, an artist who seeks out and finds all kinds of objects along Lake Michigan’s shores. He sifts through debris left by people and nature to create artwork from seemingly nothing.

Soss explores beaches year-round, though he tends to avoid them during winter when snow and ice cover what he finds. Whatever he discovers gets captured into a layout which he records with photos every day.

Soss’ beachscapes feature pull tabs and corks, fruit pits and stones, lighters and sunglasses, playing dice, army men, rubber balls and pottery shards – to name just a few of the objects featured.

Net Worth

John Ross Bowie is a renowned actor and comedian with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Since 2000, his career has included roles in numerous films and TV series.

He is best known for his role as Barry Kripke on the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” (2009-2016), and he also featured in the TV comedy series “Speechless” (2016-2017). His success has undoubtedly contributed to increasing his net worth.

He has made several stock trades over the last several years, such as purchasing 5,000 units of Sixth Street Specialty Lending Inc stock on March 6th 2018 for over $92,000. Additionally, he purchased TSLX stock on February 25th 2021 at an incredible $86,880 per share.

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