John Upright

John Upright

John Proctor is a character in the play “The Crucible.” He is middle aged and holds high regard for his reputation as an honest and hardworking individual.

His character evolves through an internal conflict and being asked to give up his honor, making him a tragic hero in the play.

Early Life and Education

John upright’s parents wanted him to receive a top-notch education, hoping it would lead him to become an accomplished politician. They believed this would prepare him for success in life.

His father had him enrolled in several schools. But he showed little patience for school work and was often distracted by friends or his own needs.

At nine years old, The Master called him to a special task.

He confided in his mother, a woman of great character and tenderness. She reminded him that his vocation should not be left to chance or mere urge.

John’s early life was filled with hardship, yet he managed to finish his education. He went on to become an accomplished professional educator and prominent race leader in the South; serving as first Black president of Morehouse College in Atlanta and later serving as the first African American president of Atlanta University.

Professional Career

John Upright had a remarkable resume. From vaudeville acts to uptown black-suited clubs, his talents were well-documented. On the big screen too, in some notable film and television productions. At home too, John owned what would eventually become New York’s most expensive home when he passed away in 2003 – though with little collateral damage due to mortgage defaults or diminishing 401k retirement funds. It’s safe to say that his efforts weren’t without reward as his home had barely any equity left when he retired at age 70 years old.

Achievements and Honors

John upright received numerous awards and honors throughout his life. But none quite compare to the recognition he received for his partnership with MaAfrica Tikkun, a South African organization that trains women from impoverished communities in martial arts and spiritual development.

His other accomplishments include founding Horizon Yachts, a major force in the international yachting industry. Additionally, he was awarded with the Corning Innovation Award for his contributions to vertical flight aviation. These numerous honors demonstrate his dedication and commitment to furthering this rapidly-evolving field of science. A true visionary and innovator, he has helped shape its future while leaving behind us with memories that will endure for years to come. We are truly honored to present him with this year’s Corning Innovation Award!

Personal Life

John Upright’s life was filled with many fascinating, not to mention entertaining, experiences. As a minister of the gospel, he traveled extensively and had the chance to connect with some remarkable people along the way.

He enjoyed a long and eventful marriage to Jane Agnes Atkinson, who passed away in 1948 at 73 years old. Their three children were well cared for by their loving mother who raised them to be hard workers and taught them to be proud of their accomplishments.

She also sprinkled in some luck and good fortune to give them the best chances for success. To accomplish this feat, Margaret patiently worked hard, was not afraid of a challenge, and followed her heart when it came to family matters. It is evident that Margaret truly wanted her three sons to have an abundant life and home – no matter what life brought them!

Net Worth

John Upright’s net worth is estimated to be $300 thousand. He is a comedian and writer who has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency as well as The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

He has been an actor since childhood and has had many high-profile roles in film and television. Earning a fortune through his acting career, he remains active within the industry today.

He is the father of actress Winona Ryder and actor Gaten Matarazzo. A member of UCB Harold team Apollo, he has appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” television show as well as several albums released over time. Additionally, his appearances on “Stranger Things” have garnered him notoriety – see: How Rich Are the Cast of “Stranger Things”?

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