John Welder

John Welder

Welder is one of the wealthiest Victorians of his day. He was president and chairman of the First Victoria National Bank. He also established an early cotton oil mill and pioneered in silo building.

John is a successful welder and he is happy to share his knowledge and experience with young people who are interested in technical vocations. In general, there are three sources of training for welders.

Early Life and Education

john welder started his career in welding as an apprentice. He later earned his journeyman welder status and became a certified weld inspector.

During his early years in the industry, he worked on large industrial projects in the Philadelphia area. He also served as a welder’s helper for CPS Energy, where he was able to gain experience in a wide range of welding procedures and equipment.

He later went on to become a welding instructor. He teaches welding courses to about 50 or 60 students every semester at Cheyenne Central High School in Wyoming.

His goal is to inspire students to pursue careers in the welding and metal fabrication trades. He teaches them the basics and helps them gain confidence in their skills. He encourages them to take an active role in their communities, too. He even enlists a few of his students to help him at an annual summer festival called Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Professional Career

Welders are in demand across a broad range of industrial sectors, from oil and gas, chemical, power generation and ship-building to manufacturing. They can expect excellent starting pay and long-term employment opportunities.

john welder’s professional career took him to several companies, including Western Electric and Chicago Edison, where he was responsible for welding the railroad equipment that powered trains. He also worked on the Detroit Edison nuclear power plant, where he developed a new automatic welding machine that improved weld integrity by more than 20 percent.

He also worked for Hobart Brothers, where he designed the arc welder that was the first to use a vacuum pump to produce high quality welds on steel. He served AWS on numerous committees, as a director and as the Society’s president.

Achievements and Honors

John welder is a raconteur and storyteller, who shares his heart and expertise with thousands of Texas high school students. He also runs a multi-million dollar welding business and is a mentor for many local young people.

He began his career as a welder in various industries, including aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, military, construction and chemical. He self-funded and completed CSWIP 3.1 visual weld inspection and PCN Level 2 radiographic interpretation, then went on to become a Welding Inspector and Quality Engineer.

He is the author of several books, including “How to Weld 29 Metals” and “50 Lessons in Arc Welding.” His research in metallurgy has helped make him an expert in welding. He is also an AWS Fellow.

Personal Life

A self-described ‘extreme outdoorsman’ John started JK Welding with one welding rig and has since grown the business to create magnificent works of art and industrial equipment. Throughout the years his business has developed a reputation for being able to take on jobs that other companies would shy away from, and this is something that John is proud of.

He is also passionate about helping to inspire young people and has been teaching at Buena Vista High School in the industrial arts program for seven years.

A true believer in the American Dream, John believes that if you work hard and follow your dreams, eventually you’ll get what you want. He says his business is a reflection of this and believes in empowering and encouraging others to do the same.

Net Worth

He was one of the wealthiest Victorians of his day. He served as president and chairman of the First Victoria National Bank, established an early cotton oil mill, and pioneered silo building.

He and his wife, Sonja Welder, have two children. They live in Bismarck, North Dakota.

John is currently employed as director of unemployment for Job Service, and Sonja earns $27,000 annually as a teacher. They have been married for 23 years.

His side business, JK Welding, grew from an idea to a larger-than-life company. It was built on his belief that his guys could tackle any job and deliver quality results. In 2008, they were given a huge opportunity to step up after Hurricane Ike devastated the Kemah Boardwalk in Texas. King was proud to accept the challenge and work with a team of more than 50 people to rebuild the area’s famous amusement park.

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