John Wigneswaran

John Wigneswaran Joins Walmart As Chief Medical Officer

A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, john wigneswaran joined Walmart as chief medical officer in 2021. He previously served as CMO for pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts and VP of market development for Fresenius Medical Care, among other roles.

He was also a clinical advisory board chair at Nephroceuticals Inc., and a renal fellowship preceptor at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University. He is a nephrologist with a keen interest in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure, particularly with how it impacts renal function, the effectiveness of diuretic therapy and quality of life.

Early Life and Education

John Wigneswaran was born and raised in the Dayton area of Ohio. He has a bachelors degree from Cornell University and a medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a kidney specialist and serves as a faculty member at Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio. In his current role as Walmart’s Chief Medical Officer, he is responsible for safety, quality and training programs, clinical program development and medical affairs. He is also a proud member of the company’s leadership team. Among the many responsibilities, he has a hand in the development of Walmart’s next generation health insurance plan.

Professional Career

John Wigneswaran is the chief medical officer at Walmart. He oversees the company’s safety, quality and training programs, clinical program development and medical affairs areas.

He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, having served as vice president of clinical affairs at DaVita Kidney Care, medical director in medical affairs at Express Scripts and senior medical director for CHF Solutions (Gambro). In addition to his professional experience, Wigneswaran is also a practicing nephrologist.

He recently launched the Walmart Health Research Initiative (WHRI), a patient-facing digital ecosystem that aims to engage patients before, during and after their participation in clinical trials. The app helps patients find and track studies, explains Wigneswaran. It also encourages them to ask questions about a drug’s impact on their health and helps them identify any gaps in their healthcare.

Achievements and Honors

john wigneswaran is a very impressive medical leader who has been able to blend clinical knowledge and skills with a warm, compassionate personality. His extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device and health care service industries will make him a valuable asset to DaVita Kidney Care as well as the physicians and patients they serve. He will also be an important part of the OCMO team, bringing his expertise to discussions about current and future clinical initiatives and assisting with the development of innovative programs designed to enhance physician engagement.

He is also known for his philanthropy and commitment to the community, including his work as the President of the American Society of Nephrology. He was also named one of the top 100 leaders in innovation by Forbes Magazine.

Personal Life

John wigneswaran has been an internist in Dayton, OH for over 15 years. He treats a wide range of diseases and ailments, especially cross-system illnesses that affect multiple organ systems. He also refers patients to specialists if necessary. He is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology, which focuses on kidney health. He is a partner at Renal Physicians, Inc.

He has also served as the chief medical officer of pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts, vice president of medical affairs at DaVita and executive director of Fresenius Medical Care North America. Walmart announced last summer that it had hired Wigneswaran to lead the company’s recently created WHRI (Walmart Healthcare Research Institute). He was able to bring in other leaders quickly, as well, according to a LinkedIn announcement.

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