John Youtsey

John Youtsey Memorial Scholarship

The John Youtsey Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to Georgia residents with bleeding disorders. Eligibility requirements include academic excellence and demonstrated financial need.

John Youtsy was born on October 26, 1855 in Campbell County and began studying medicine two years later. Graduating from Louisville Medical College in March 1877, he opened a practice in Alexandria shortly afterwards.

Early Life and Education

In the 1800s, injuries caused by cutting trees, working fields or handling animals were all too common. Without life squads and only a handful of hospitals back then, you had to rely on your local country doctor for medical help if an injury occurred.

As a result, the Campbell County Fiscal Court designated doctors by district to guarantee access to healthcare for all areas of the county. One of the first physicians in this area was James and Claude Youtsey – father-son team practitioners.

After graduating from Louisville Medical College in 1877, Youtsey relocated to Alexandria and began practicing medicine. In addition to his practice, he served as administrator of Speers Memorial Hospital in Dayton and on its visiting physicians board.

Professional Career

John Youtsey was widely respected as the “godfather” of hemophilia treatment in Georgia and an influential figure in the fight against bleeding disorders. He played an integral role in founding Hemophilia of Georgia (HoG) and served as its prominent board member for many years.

Youtsey was renowned for his role as an advocate for blood thinners, but he also had an impressive career in banking. He served as senior vice president and chief credit officer at State Farm Insurance and vice president of corporate finance at FirstBank – both financial services institutions.

The best part is that he was able to give back to the community by founding and leading several successful nonprofit organizations dedicated to philanthropy. Most recently, he spearheaded the resuscitation of Georgia Hemophilia Foundation – a state-wide organization dedicated to furthering bleeding disorder research and education.

Personal Life

John Youtsey led an active and productive life. He was a doctor, educator, officer of the Knights of Pythias and member of numerous community organizations.

He married Clara Todd in 1880 and had two sons, Sol and Claude, who followed in his footsteps by choosing medicine as their profession. Both practiced medicine together in Newport.

In the 1800s, rural areas such as Campbell County lacked hospitals and medical professionals. This meant that people injured while working or raising animals had to enlist the assistance of their local doctor for care.

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