Johnny Sheffield Net Worth

Johnny Sheffield is a well-known American actor. He has featured in various jungle-based movies and received many honors and praise for his efforts in the industry.

Starting his acting career at age 7, he beat over 300 young actors for the part of Boy in Tarzan Finds a Son.

Early Life and Education

Johnny Sheffield was born Jon Matthew Sheffield Cassan in Pasadena, California on April 11, 1931 to British juvenile actor-turned-character player William Sheffield Cassan and Vassar College graduate and lecturer on arts. In 1938 he made his Broadway debut as part of Paul Osborn’s On Borrowed Time production combining comedy, drama and fantasy elements.

After playing Johnny Weissmuller’s orphaned son Boy in three Tarzan movies produced at MGM, Sheffield reprised the role for Busby Berkeley movie musical Babes in Arms (1939). Weissmuller selected Sheffield from 300 boys when watching him portray an earlier child version of himself in Knute Rockne, All American (Jack Nelson/Ray Taylor 1940).

After theater attendance started to decline during the mid-1940s and B-movie series and chapter serials began to lose steam, Sheffield left film for good and earned his degree in business before moving to Yuma, Arizona to work at a large farming company.

Professional Career

Johnny Sheffield Net Worth is an American actor with a massive global following. He has become a well-known personality throughout his long and distinguished career as an actor.

John Matthew Sheffield Cassan, commonly referred to by his nickname Johnny Sheffield, was born in Pasadena, California USA to Reginald Sheffield and Louise Van Loon.

He started his acting career as a child actor.

After playing Boy in three Tarzan movies for MGM, Sheffield went on to star as Bomba the Jungle Boy in twelve jungle films alongside Johnny Weissmuller from 1949 through 1955 – making an appearance every few months from 1949 through 1955 as well as appearing in an unsuccessful television pilot called Bantu the Zebra Boy which never went beyond pilot stage.

Achievement and Honors

Johnny Sheffield has received numerous honors over his distinguished career. Thanks to his hard work and determination, he has left an immeasurable mark in society and inspired millions around the globe.

At age seven, he debuted as an actor, making his acting debut in a West Coast production of On Borrowed Time by Broadway that year – playing Pud, the juvenile lead. That same year he also appeared as Napoleon’s son in MGM’s Man on the Rock short film series.

At age 24 he retired from films to earn a business degree. Investing jungle money in real estate, and later working for Santa Monica Seafood Company as their representative. Married for over 50 years to Patricia Sheffield (he died 2010), together they raised three children.

Personal Life

John Matthew Sheffield Cassan of Pasadena, California first became known for his acting ability at age six after playing Pud in a West Coast production of Paul Osborn’s sentimental On Borrowed Time play and later on Broadway.

Sheffield made seven MGM Tarzan movies alongside Johnny Weissmuller before retiring from the series, as well as five afterward, portraying the child character of Tarzan’s son. Additionally, he also appeared as Bomba, the Jungle Boy in 12 Monogram movies in total.

He was married to Patricia Sheffield and had two sons and a daughter. On October 15, 2010 in Chula Vista, California from a heart attack he passed away aged 79 years. He is survived by his wife Patricia Sheffield as well as children Christopher, Eric, and Sarah.

Net Worth

Weissmuller was an extremely gifted actor best known for playing Tarzan in several movies and television shows.

Personal Life. He was twice married. The first marriage was with Bobbe, with whom he had two children. Later he married Lupe Velez who is well known for treating Weissmuller badly; even makeup artists had to cover up her marks upon him.

Johnny Sheffield is estimated to be worth approximately $1-5 Million, most of his wealth coming from Movie Acting as well as clothing line and real estate investments. Additionally, he owns an exquisite home in California – making him both successful and wealthy!

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