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Johns Jigs Review

Johns jigs are renowned for being one of the finest skirted jig lines available. These baits feature only premium materials such as durable rabbit fur that moves beautifully in water and extra strong Gamakatsu hooks that offer unparalleled sharpness.

Early Life and Education

Johns Jigs’ journey from toolmaker to bon vivant was marked by his affinity for fishing. Early morning trips to the Toledo Bend were formative moments in his life, inspiring him to launch the first American fishing guide service with his brother Robert. Today he still plays an active role in that venture as well as other outdoor activities with family. When not working, John enjoys spending time with his wife and kids; their shared love of nature being one of their many similarities.

Professional Career

John began his professional career as a fishing guide and tournament angler. However, this wasn’t enough to support himself financially, so he ventured into manufacturing and selling fishing tackle.

John Northland Fishing Tackle developed, manufactured and sold a range of products including baits, jigs, trailers and fishing reels. Many bait and tackle shops throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas soon featured his products. John produces various sizes and colors of jigs such as S&S John Skinner Porgy & Blackfish Jigs; he’s currently working on an X Jig Series steelhead jig. In addition to jigs John also produces other lures such as spinnerbaits or spoons; plus he enjoys spending time with his grandkids!

Achievements and Honors

Johns Jigs is no newcomer to the industry and has earned numerous awards for their products and services. They’re renowned for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as for making top-of-the-line shad rods from scratch with premium materials at fraction of what you would pay at your local tackle shop. Their shad rods are essential tools for anglers looking to enhance their fishing game. Furthermore, Johns jigs offers unbeatable prices online on shad rods and other angling equipment; plus they carry an expansive inventory and knowledgeable staff ready to help find what you need.

Personal Life

When John isn’t out fishing for trout or bass, he enjoys spending time with family and grandkids. Additionally, John is an avid whitetail hunter.

The family is also engaged in farming and writing. He is co-author of Gardens of Use & Delight, which chronicles their journey to transform a rundown farm into an idyllic landscape.

Jigs Jigs began his fishing tackle business with the purpose of creating and developing new products to better serve a growing number of knowledgeable fishermen. He sold tackle through manufacturer’s reps throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, later forming a partnership with Ted Capra in manufacturing. A longtime member of the Professional Walleye Trail, he achieved several top ten finishes as well as winning a tournament on Lake of the Woods in 1996.

Net Worth

Johns Jigs is renowned for its wide selection of jigs and lures. They can be purchased through Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores as well as online. Estimates place the company’s net worth at billions; with over 20,000 employees across six locations worldwide. Morris began his empire back in 1944 in Huntington, Texas with just one small fishing lure shop. Today his empire spans the globe!

He recently added the X Jig Series to his popular steelhead jig line. This model boasts a 2X #1 Gamakatsu hook for sharpness and durability, and comes in four sizes and five color schemes. All jigs now feature superseded duralloy powder paint on their bodies for extra longevity.

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