Johnson County Indiana Shooting Today

Johnson County Indiana Shooting Today

The Greenwood Park Mall in Johnson County, Indiana was the scene of a shooting today that left three people dead and one injured. Authorities believe the shooting was a targeted attack.

A man was shot and killed while shopping at the mall, and two others were injured. According to a statement released by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, the incident is being investigated by the sheriff’s department, the Indiana State Police, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The department received several calls about a possible shooting and the sheriff’s office contacted nearby law enforcement agencies, including Trafalgar, Indianapolis, and Morgantown. A helicopter was also launched to search the area. The shooting is the latest in a string of attacks on shopping malls, churches, and grocery stores across the country.

The Johnson County sheriff’s office is still attempting to verify whether or not the suspect is a local. However, a special agent with the FBI confirmed that the man was in Bloomington at the time of the shooting.

Saunders is known to frequent the area. He has been arrested for several other offenses, including attempted murder and criminal mischief to a sheriff’s vehicle. His name was not released, but he did have a warrant out for his arrest.

The Greenwood police department is assisting the Johnson County sheriff’s department in its investigation. In addition to identifying the shooter, the two agencies are working together to determine if the shooting was a random act or if it was part of a more complex plan.

Two deputies were involved in the shooting and will be placed on desk duty. Another man involved in the incident was a “good Samaritan” who stopped the assailant and reportedly fired several rounds, which may have been the only real way to save the day.

Several deaf witnesses were interviewed by investigators through interpreters. They all recalled the same sequence of events. During the first minute or so, the suspect ran up to a 16-year-old student, and when the student resisted, the shooter sprang into action. This was the first shot he fired, and the teen was struck several times.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and officials are awaiting a follow-up press conference on Monday. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating every lead it receives. One person injured in the shooting was taken to IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

As of early morning Friday, the Greenwood Community High School, Greenwood Middle School, and Southwest Elementary schools were on lockdown, and the mall remained closed for the evening. Lockdowns were lifted at around 11 a.m., and the mall was expected to reopen on Saturday. Until then, visitors are urged to use common sense.

While the Greenwood Mall is closing for the weekend, investigators have recovered shell casings from the scene. Deaf residents of a nearby home witnessed the gunbattle and were corroborated by the deputies on hand.

There have been many more shootings in the country over the past few months, and while authorities are still unsure of the motive behind this particular incident, this shooting was the sexiest in a very long time.

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