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Joji Net Worth – How Much Does Joji Make?

Joji Miller (George Kusunoki Miller) is a widely recognized singer-songwriter-rapper and internet personality who has amassed millions of subscribers to his YouTube channels.

He switched his focus from comedy to music in 2017, earning international renown, critical praise, and commercial success with chart-topping singles and albums that have contributed significantly to his net worth.

Early Life and Education

George Kusunoki Miller, more popularly known by his stage name Joji, first rose to fame on YouTube through comedy skits and music parodies on his channels TVFilthyFrank and DizastaMusic. Joji’s unique brand of humor attracted millions of views online; thanks to this platform and several characters such as Filthy Frank himself he amassed quite an extensive fan base.

His transition into music, collaborations and entrepreneurial ventures have also contributed to his success and increase in net worth. In 2018 alone, his debut studio album Ballads 1 gained both critical and commercial acclaim worldwide.

Joji makes significant revenues outside of his musical career by endorsing various brands on YouTube videos and receiving endorsement fees, advertising revenues, merchandise sales revenues and sponsorship fees from these ventures. As Joji continues his musical and entrepreneurial endeavours he expects his net worth to continue expanding over time.

Professional Career

Joji’s success as a singer-songwriter has enabled him to amass wealth. His music has won him millions of fans around the globe and other ventures help him earn even more cash.

Filthy Frank launched his first YouTube channel in 2008 under the name Filthy Frank and quickly began uploading videos of rapping, challenges, and ukulele playing to it. Later he created two additional ones; TVFilthyFrank and toodamnfilthy respectively – each is now monetized and generates revenue via ads.

His melancholic and introspective style gained him global acclaim, while collaborating with 88rising opened doors to new opportunities, culminating in his own record label and merchandise line as well as selling more than $100 worth of T-shirts under his brand.

Achievement and Honors

Joji began his musical career only recently, yet his passion and fan base have already propelled him towards great success. His style marries melancholic melodies with hard-edged lyrics to create something truly memorable.

Joji has also found success as an entrepreneur by co-founding creative collective and label 88rising, which has allowed him to reach new audiences while increasing income through features, royalties and ticket sales.

Joji is also an active philanthropist, dedicating both his time and resources to charitable efforts. These endeavors have garnered him widespread online acclaim and earned him respect as an artist within the music industry. Through his multifaceted career Joji has amassed considerable wealth through music recordings and comedic videos.

Personal Life

Joji is a well-renowned YouTube artist renowned for his distinct style and soulful music production, earning him fame among audiences as well as amassing an impressive net worth.

George Kusunoki Miller aka Joji is an American-Japanese singer-songwriter and internet personality best known as Filthy Frank or Pink Guy on YouTube, who inspired the creation of Harlem Shake meme in 2013. His viral dance trend made headlines at that time.

Joji initially started his career as a comedy content creator on YouTube before transitioning into music. His first debut album Ballads 1 and his extended play In Tongues were widely celebrated by audiences, as were collaborations and entrepreneurial ventures that helped increase his net worth. Joji currently resides in Brooklyn but often travels back and forth to Los Angeles for work purposes.

Net Worth

Joji is an immensely popular YouTube personality and singer with an immense fan following, who also holds considerable literary cred. He boasts annual earnings estimated to exceed $1 Million.

He began his YouTube career in 2008 and quickly rose to immense popularity for his videos and content, becoming known for popularizing viral dance crazes such as Harlem Shake. Upon retiring from YouTube in 2017 to begin his music career.

Miller also operates his second channel known as TV Filthy Frank where he uploads daily life videos and earns through ads and sponsorships. Additionally, he published a book and earned some additional revenue with it.

He signed a multi-million dollar deal with a music label, contributing significantly to his net worth.

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