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The Silent Twins and June Gibbons Net Worth

June and Jennifer Gibbons shared an unbreakable bond as twins. Raised on an army base in Wales, they communicated using an incomprehensible code which only they understood.

They never married, had children, or realized their writing ambitions – their lives ended tragically when, according to journalist Marjorie Wallace, they decided that for one sister to remain alive while another one perished.

Early Life and Education

The film The Silent Twins starring Letitia Wright from Black Panther has received positive reviews since it first premiered earlier this year, yet many remain curious as to who inspired this captivating movie: June and Jennifer Gibbons from real life?

These twin twins were born at an RAF hospital in Aden and soon began leading a nomadic lifestyle that increasingly isolated them from society. Rarely speaking with anyone outside their immediate family and communicating in an encrypted code that only they understood, their lives became ever more isolated as time progressed.

As teens, the twins were drawn into an unpredictable cycle of drinking, drug use, and arson that resulted in them being placed into Broadmoor Hospital for 11 years of treatment.

Professional Career

Gibbons is well-known as the host of “Entertainment Tonight” and former syndicated newsmagazine Extra, in addition to hosting various lifestyle programs on PBS and participating on season seven of “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

Gibbons is best known as an author; her first novel “The Silent Twins” was published in 2022. She lives in West Wales and prefers not to attract attention; however, she has done some interviews and advised on a film about herself and her sister; additionally she is working on another book as she does not yet have children of her own.

Achievement and Honors

Gibbons has earned immense wealth as a musician and is revered as an esteemed figure. The rock star has received many honors and awards, including Grammy Award nominations and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his noteworthy musical career.

Gibbons has long been engaged in numerous charitable endeavors and serves as director of multiple Bermudian companies such as Harbour International Trust Company Limited and Clarien Group Limited.

She writes poetry as well, earning fellowships from both the Academy of American Poets and Fine Arts Work Center Provincetown. Currently living in England as co-owner of mineral makeup line she co-owns with two former partners, she has two children from each marriage and three total divorces to her credit.

Personal Life

Gibbons was raised in a segregated community where her literary abilities quickly emerged at an early age. Although isolated, they formed an intense bond and communicated via their own private code language. Unfortunately, their isolated lifestyle eventually led them down a path of crime which resulted in their being imprisoned at Broadmoor Hospital for 11 years.

June and Jennifer made one last attempt to connect with the outside world before both succumbed. June explained to Wallace that for Jennifer to live, it would have to come at the cost of June’s life.

Numerous television dramas and documentaries have been produced about June and Jennifer Gibbons since their discovery, including Letitia Wright as June in The Silent Twins with Tamara Lawrence playing her sister Jennifer; Gibbons himself remains low key but has given interviews in the past.

Net Worth

June Gibbons has made an incredible achievement without being at the centre of attention: an impressive net worth built through hard work and determination. She is an inspiration to many; many look up to her as role model or mentor figure. With an in-depth knowledge of law, June can offer legal solutions to her clients.

Jennifer and June Gibbons became known as “The Silent Twins,” due to their decision not to speak with anyone outside of each other. Living in Wales with their Bajan-emigrant parents, the twins kept a diary that detailed their disturbing sibling relationship – writing disturbing entries depicting themselves as mortal enemies against one another.

The twins were imprisoned several times for crimes such as theft and vandalism. June eventually began cohosting a news entertainment program on New York’s WCBS-TV in 1983.

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