Kaitlin Glau

Kaitlin Glau was once a ballet dancer until an accident forced her to step away due to a broken foot. Later she transitioned into acting.

Joss Whedon spotted her first on TV as River Tam in an episode of Angel and cast her for his short-lived series Firefly shortly thereafter.

Early Life and Education

Glau was awarded a ballet scholarship and homeschooled from grades 3-12 so as to accommodate her dance training, as well as studying tango and flamenco dance forms. However, due to a broken toe her dancing career was cut short; thus leading her to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

She first made her television debut in the episode “Love Conquers All” of Cold Case and had a small part in Sleepover film. In 2006, she made a regular appearance as Tess Doerner on season two opening of The 4400 as Tess Doerner and became regular thereafter. Additionally, she appeared in horror comedy Mammoth as well as voice-acting Kara Zor-El in DC Comics animated film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Glau has managed to remain low-key in her personal life and avoid major controversy thanks to her professionalism and dedication to her craft, garnering her an avid following of supporters.

Professional Career

Glau was raised with strong values, and has successfully balanced her personal and professional lives without controversy or scandals affecting either. She remains dedicated as an actress.

Beginning her acting career with a guest role on Angel, she quickly caught Joss Whedon’s attention and was cast as River Tam in both Firefly and its sequel Serenity; making her into an international star.

Starring in such popular television and movie projects as The 4400, CSI, Arrow, Cape and Cold Case as well as Disney Channel films Mammoth; she has also made short film appearances such as Help for the Holidays, Deadly Honeymoon and Sarah Initiation Ceremony.

Achievement and Honors

Glau is an accomplished actress renowned for her dedication to her craft, winning several awards and honors along the way. Her performances have garnered her a dedicated fan base and she has appeared on TV series such as Angel, 4400, Cold Case and Dollhouse; films include Sleepover, Mammoth Initiation of Sarah Help for Holidays Dead End among many more.

Valerie Morrison is married to Val Morrison and has two daughters named Milena and Sunny. She has always maintained her privacy when it comes to her personal life; due to her professional and dedication towards her career, she has managed to avoid major controversies while remaining focused on providing a healthy balance between professional and personal lives.

Personal Life

Summer Lyn Glau was born July 24 in San Antonio, Texas to parents who are both general contractors. Her mother is a teacher while both father and mother hold teaching licenses. Summer Lyn has two younger sisters: Kaitlin and Christie and is of German, Scots-Irish and Scotch-Irish ancestry. As she received a ballet scholarship she homeschooled through 12 grade so that she could manage dance training along with studying tango and flamenco dancing before having a broken toe ended her dancing career – moving to Los Angeles after which acting career began!

She has made numerous movies and television appearances, such as in CSI: Cold Case, The 4400, Angel Dollhouse Chuck & The Cape. In Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles she played Cameron while Firefly’s River Tam appeared alongside its film sequel Serenity as well.

She boasts an amazing body with dark brown locks. To stay fit and maintain her beauty, she relies on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as dance classes, spin classes, weight training and hiking to stay in good health and stay beautiful.

Net Worth

Glau’s dedication and talent have brought her both critical acclaim and financial success, which currently puts her net worth at $4 Million.

Glau is an esteemed actress from the United States who has amassed an international fan following for her performances in sci-fi and fantasy television shows such as Firefly and Serenity. Her initial breakthrough role was River Tam in Firefly; its film sequel Serenity has also proven extremely popular.

She has appeared in multiple recurring roles on TV series such as Cold Case and CSI. She is married to actor Val Morrison and has two children: Milena Jo and Sunny. She boasts luxurious dark brown locks, is an avid fitness enthusiast who regularly attends spin, dance and weight training classes.

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