Kandi Burruss Engagement Ring

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Couple’s Engagement Ring

If you have been following the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you probably already know that actress Kandi Burruss and her producer boyfriend Todd Tucker are getting married. Although their relationship has been public knowledge since 2011, the engagement was finally made official in January, and the couple is now engaged. In addition to tying the knot, the duo have also confirmed that they are expecting twins, via surrogate.

The couple’s love story began after they met in South Africa, where she was filming season 4 of the show. They began dating in 2011 and are now parents to a three-year-old son, Ace Wells Tucker. But they are not quite done with their love story. Both Todd and Kandi are preparing for a new phase of their lives, which includes having a new baby, according to the aforementioned Us Weekly article.

Among the first things to come to light in the news, was the ring Tucker proposed to Burruss with. According to US Magazine, the ring was actually a two-carat white diamond sparkler. However, it was not the most expensive ring on the planet, or at least not compared to the cost of a ring you would find in a high-end jewelry store. It was actually a composite ring from designer Gregg Ruth.

Aside from the ring, the other item in the photo was a custom Reco Chapple gown with a 12-foot train. This dress, which cost $20k, featured sparkling diamantes and nude-colored bodysuit underlay skin. While the ring is the real deal, the custom Reco Chapple gown isn’t something that you’ll likely be able to find on the cheap.

While the ring is the most talked about aspect of the new relationship between Burruss and Tucker, the dress was the most impressive. While a dress this lavish is not for everyone, it was a good way to celebrate the occasion. At the time of the photo shoot, the singer was reportedly five foot, three inches tall. She wore a stunning yellow stiletto sandal.

The ring has been a hot topic in the media, but it isn’t the most expensive ring on the planet. However, it is worth noting that the ring is from a high-end designer. Also, the ring was designed to look like a two-carat oval diamond. One of the reasons the ring is so popular is because the oval shape makes the diamond look bigger than it actually is. Another reason the ring is so popular is that it can be had for under $800, which is cheaper than some of the most expensive jewelry available on the market.

There are many ways to say “I love you” to your significant other, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s not always about what you’re saying. As the saying goes, “love is the only true currency.” So while Kandi Burruss and her producer lover, Todd Tucker, are engaged, the love they share may not be the same forever.

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