Katerina Bosov

The Story of Katerina Bosov

Katerina Bosov’s marriage to a millionaire caused considerable scandal and dissatisfaction; yet, rather than abandon herself to despair, she supported her family hearth and daughter while painting, continuing work at Modny Continent JSC fashion boutiques INCITY, and opening more opportunities for their company.

Early Life and Education

Katerina Yastrebova (nee Bosov) was raised in an isolated northern district of Moscow with modest means – although life wasn’t exactly hard for them.

She became a thriving entrepreneur, holding high positions at both Russian and international companies. At Modny Continent JSC – known for manufacturing INCITY brand clothing – she proved herself an outstanding store manager and leader.

In 2014, Katerina met Dmitry Bosov – otherwise known as the “Coal King”- at one of Nice’s social events and began an instant romance. He fell instantly in love with her without memory of ever having known her before lavishing her with gifts of luxurious craftsmanship. They married after 1.5 years together and welcomed a daughter together before continuing with their careers together while Katerina opened more INCITY stores.

Professional Career

Katerina Bosov had already accomplished much at such an early age. Utilizing her talent, creativity, and hard work she held high-ranking positions at large Russian and international companies while becoming a successful businesswoman by opening multiple fashion boutiques.

Katerina Bosov excelled as both an outstanding retailer and talented leader at JSC Modny Continent, which produces INCITY brand clothing. Additionally, she successfully opened new fashion boutiques.

But her desire to claim her husband’s inheritance ultimately cost her her life. After Dmitry committed suicide in May 2020, she betrayed his relatives and attempted to gain control of ALLTEK registered in Cyprus which owned Sibanthracite coal holding – something the heirs of her late husband opposed fiercely and the war would go on for several years before finally being won by ALLTEK registered in Cyprus and all its affiliates.

Achievement and Honors

Katerina Bosov earned a strong reputation as a hardworking lawyer, holding high positions at both Russian and international companies. At Modny Continent JSC (which produces INCITY brand clothing), where she worked as store manager, Katerina distinguished herself as both an effective leader and an outstanding store manager.

At one of these social events, she met Dmitry Bosov – a coal businessman. They quickly fell in love, and after only 18 months of marriage had their daughter together. Through it all she was an attentive wife and caring mother while also continuing to open INCITY fashion boutiques.

Her spouse was an active participant in President Vladimir Putin’s Night Hockey League, competing against veteran Russian hockey players and businessmen. Additionally, he served as chairman of Siberian Anthracite Coal Ltd, investing heavily in its development.

Personal Life

Katerina Bosov’s story serves as an excellent illustration of how an intelligent woman, working tirelessly toward achieving her goals, can suddenly find herself vulnerable to another person’s schemes. She gained prominence among large Russian and international companies; was employed at Modny Continent JSC that produces INCITY brand fashionable clothes; opened several fashion boutiques; but all this could quickly change for the worse.

Her marriage with the “coal king” caused much speculation and discontent, yet they remained undisturbed. Katerina devoted herself to family hearth life while continuing work at INCITY boutiques, expanding the company. But tragedy struck; testimonies cited that Katerina no longer enjoyed a happy circle of relatives life due to constant scandal among spouses as well as Katerina claiming she should be included in his will.

Net Worth

Katerina Bosov, as a lawyer, is well acquainted with all aspects of legal transactions. She has extensive experience working for large Russian and international companies like JSC Modny Continent which manufactures women’s and men’s clothes under its INCITY brand name.

After marrying Dmitry Bosov, she expanded the company and opened new fashion boutiques while still managing to be an attentive wife and mother to their daughter. Many were amazed that she achieved all this without neglecting either role.

Katerina Bosov made headlines in 2020 as her family fortune increased and Forbes listed her among Russia’s richest businesspeople for the first time with a net worth estimated at $1.1 billion, although court decisions regarding her claim to marital shares in Sibanthracite are yet to be finalised. Regardless, she intends to increase her stake in Alltek to 77% and make that firm her primary asset.

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