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Katey Andress and Ursula Andress

Colorado-born Ingrid Andress made a triumphant and confident entrance into Nashville with Lady Like, her debut record that expertly blends modern pop and country. From “More Hearts Than Mine” to the soulful start-over pleas of “The Stranger”, Ingrid showcased an unparalleled mastery in crafting catchy melodies with relatable storytelling.

Early Life and Education

Ursula Andress was born in Ostermundigen, Switzerland. As a small town child she became involved in theater productions before beginning her acting career at 14. Since then she has made appearances in over 100 films and TV shows.

She is also an accomplished vocalist, having earned many awards and nominations including CMT Music Award and Academy of Country Music Award nominations.

She is known for her excellent sense of humor and engaging with fans through Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, she enjoys travelling extensively and loves sharing her adventures with followers on social media platforms such as these. She boasts a large following on both platforms.

Professional Career

She was a celebrated actress from the 1950s to 1990s, known for her beauty and sexuality. She made appearances in several films such as Fun in Acapulco, She, The Blue Max and Casino Royale while also making appearances on television shows such as Falcon Crest and Manimal.

She was born in Ostermundigen, Switzerland to Rolf Andress a German diplomat and Anna Andress a landscape gardener. She has one brother – Heinz Andress – as well as four sisters; Erika Andress, Charlotte Andress Gisela Andress and Katey Andress.

She is White American with an Asian heritage. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She is currently married to actor John Derek but had previous romantic relationships with Daniel Gelin, Dennis Hopper and James Dean before meeting Derek. Additionally she had co-star relationships with Ron Ely from Once Before I Die; John Richardson from She; and Marcello Mastroianni from The 10th Victim.

Achievement and Honors

She was honored as “New Star of the Year” at the Golden Globe Awards in 1964, as well as one of Empire magazine’s “100 Sexiest Stars in Film History”.

She made appearances in various movies such as Fun for Acapulco, Up to His Ears, She, Casino Royale, The Sensuous Nurse and Scaramouche as swashbuckler spoof characters. Additionally she co-starred alongside Marcello Mastroianni in Africa Express II as an adventurer in Africa Express.

In the mid 1980s, she had romantic connections to soccer player Paulo Roberto Falcao, actor Gerardo Amato, singer Julio Iglesias, real estate developer Stan Herman, hand to hand fighting expert Jeff Speakman and Greek body builder Mario Natokis. Sadly she died soon thereafter but she is survived by her devoted husband Ricky Bond and children Lindsey Meadows, Candice Johnston and Katie Thomley.

Personal Life

Ursula Andress hails from Switzerland and hails from a White background, speaking French, Italian and German fluently. Born March 19 1936; her birth date is March 19 1936. She has one brother Heinz as well as four sisters: Erika Andress, Charlotte Andress Gisela Andress and Katey Andress.

She made appearances in films such as Fun in Acapulco, She, Up to His Ears, The Blue Max and Casino Royale as well as appearing on television shows like Man Against the Mob and Falcon Crest.

Ryan O’Neal and John Derek have both been linked romantically. She has also been linked with actors Gerardo Amato and Julio Iglesias, singer Fausto Fagone, real estate developer Stan Herman, and martial arts expert Jeff Speakman – though at present she remains single.

Net Worth

Ursula Andress, born in Switzerland but currently based in Hollywood, has made quite an impactful mark. Over time she has amassed a substantial fortune that she uses to support her acting career; these films include Fun for Acapulco, She, The Tenth Victim, Up to His Ears Casino Royale The Sensuous Nurse & The Mountain of Cannibal God.

At various points in her career, she has been romantically involved with several well-known figures, most notably actor John Derek whom she married from 1955-1966 and later Fabio Testi, John Delorean, Helmut Berger and singer Julio Iglesias (singer Julio Iglesias was later included as one of those). Currently she resides in Switzerland with four children under age 18, is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and boasts a net worth of $25 Million.

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