Kayla Thomas

A Closer Look at Kayla Thomas

Kayla is an elegant woman who takes great pleasure in looking fashionable. She attends Ocean Bluffs Community College to study fashion design and merchandising.

Her dark brown locks can be seen either loosely worn down or pulled back into an elegant updo, and she has an undeniable knack for art and is exceptionally talented at it.

Early Life and Education

Kayla Thomas was an affectionate and compassionate individual, always thinking of others before herself. She enjoyed singing and dressing up; joining the debate team of her high school; taking part in several theatre productions such as Hairspray’s Motormouth Maybelle role and The Drowsy Chaperone as Trix the Aviatrix character were just among many others she participated in.

She brings extensive experience in human resources and talent acquisition to Pantheon Platform as both HR Coordinator and Administrator, where she utilized Greenhouse, Paylocity and Excel to manage data and streamline HR processes.

In 2021, she joined Rosemann’s St. Louis architectural team. With an interest in urban planning and restoration projects, she also enjoys travelling extensively and spending time with family.

Professional Career

Kayla Thomas is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Trinity Health East Ridge who excels at working with individuals experiencing severe, persistent mental illness using an effective strength-based approach to treatment.

At her high school, she led her team to an impressive 76-13 record and two district championships across three seasons – earning All-American honors as well as being honored two times as the MVSU Female Athlete of the Year.

At Ashtabula County Medical Center, she became a Registered Nurse and signed the ONA contract and became an ONA member. Recognizing the significance of collective voice and her rights, she read through her contract from cover to cover and noticed she wasn’t receiving her correct wage; filing a grievance and successfully settling it in her favor.

Achievement and Honors

And those skills allowed her to win the state competition with an entertaining speech that focused on breaking stereotypes about blondes. Additionally, she earned a state scholarship.

Kayla earned this accolade just three times before now in SEC history – just the three times ever that a Gator has received it!

She has earned both John V. Roach Honors Scholar and McNair Program Scholar honors, in addition to being an active member of her sorority and hip-hop dancer.

Kayla founded Molding Melanin Magic as a mentoring program, to assist minority high school students navigate college admissions and STEM fields. Additionally, Ahok has taken an interest in combatting child abuse and neglect. Earlier this year he earned academic honors through College Board’s National Recognition programs.

Personal Life

Kayla Thomas has gained worldwide notoriety through the fame of her husband. Known for having an hourglass figure even after having given birth, Kayla Thomas has managed to command attention with her svelte figure and impressive hourglass physique.

She hails from Tacoma, Washington and is of African American heritage. Her hero is army veteran Theodore William Wallace whom she calls father; in addition, she has an unidentified sister whom they refer to as their sister-in-law.

Kayla made an initial decision to place her baby for adoption through an agency. But then, after having second thoughts and being offered Boyd as a potential father figure figure instead. Unfortunately, however, Kayla would eventually lose her son due to meningococcal disease.

Net Worth

Kayla Thomas is an Instagram and TikTok star with an avid following. Her vlogs, fashion posts and makeup tutorials have proven immensely popular among her followers. Kayla takes great care to maintain a radiant complexion by adhering to a healthy diet and using top-grade skincare products.

Kayla has an infectious sense of humor and is beloved by her fans due to her unique moves and cheerful demeanor. Additionally, Kayla boasts an impeccable fashion sense, being famous for lip-syncing videos as well as POV recordings.

She enjoys an enormous following on social media, earning an abundance of revenue through brand endorsements and sponsorships. Additionally, she boasts beautiful locks which she often styles differently for different looks.

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