Keith Luce

Keith Luce Cooks in Greenport, Long Island, Just Like the Best Chefs in Europe

Chef Keith Luce has worked at some of the finest restaurants around the world. But he’s found that Greenport, New York shares many similarities with regions in Europe famed for their cuisine.

At Luce Hawkins Restaurant he has brought both skill and enthusiasm, winning numerous accolades for its food. Additionally Luce is proud of providing eggs from chickens raised on its inn grounds for diners’ enjoyment.

Early Life and Education

Keith Luce was born and raised on his family farm near Coshocton. With an interest in music and savings used to cover tuition at New York School of Performing Arts classes, Keith pursued this passion through earnings.

Luce began his professional culinary career at restaurants like Rainbow Room and La Cote Basque before honing his craft in Europe. Additionally, he served as White House sous chef under Bill Clinton.

He successfully created two restaurants – Merenda was named one of the top 50 restaurants nationwide while Herbfarm outside Seattle also flourished under his guidance.

Now he has returned home and taken over the Jedediah Hawkins Inn on Sound Avenue in Jamesport. Luce plans on turning this historic venue into an on-site production kitchen and cafe serving flatbreads as well as his signature artisanal cured meats.

Professional Career

From humble beginnings on his family farm in Riverhead, Luce worked in New York restaurants such as Rainbow Room, Le Cirque and La Cote Basque before honing his craft further by training at Michelin-starred establishments across Europe. Over his career Luce earned numerous accolades such as Food & Wine’s Best Chef award as well as winning the James Beard Rising Star Chef award in 1998.

After working at Corbeaux Bakehouse in Calgary, Luce & Hawkins at Jedediah Hawkins Inn on Long Island was opened. It features both formal dining room service featuring fixed price chef’s tasting menus and casual seating in Luce’s Landing offering small plate menus from an a la carte menu; with ingredients coming as locally as possible with most from within its own farm.

Achievement and Honors

James Beard Award recipient Matthew Stout began his culinary training at top New York restaurants like Rainbow Room and Le Cirque before perfecting them in Europe at Michelin-starred eateries like Le Cirque. Additionally, his cuisine has graced President Bill Clinton and Bravo’s Top Chef as a guest judge.

He has also co-hosted the popular cooking show Star Chefs Dinners and served as Executive Chef of both PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn and PlumpJack Cafe in San Francisco.

At Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport, Luce brings his attention to detail and commitment to using locally sourced ingredients to the restaurant and casual cafe he manages. Additionally, every morning guests at the inn receive breakfast featuring eggs from hens on site that supply him with eggs!

Personal Life

Keith Luce, the James Beard Award-winning chef behind Jamesport’s Luce & Hawkins restaurant and other culinary destinations on Long Island’s North Fork, lives not too far away from his farm home and uses produce grown nearby in all his restaurants.

He began his culinary career in New York at renowned establishments such as Rainbow Room, Le Cirque and La Cote Basque before traveling the world to develop his expertise at Michelin-starred restaurants across France and Italy. Later he worked at top resorts before serving as sous chef to President Bill Clinton at the White House.

Now he is back, making an impactful mark on Greenport’s Stirling Square with his restaurant called Main, two cafes named Nosh and Prep as well as a meat curing store – all to strengthen the relationship between local residents and food.

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