Kendall George

Kendall George

Kendall George is an accomplished technologist, professional, and leader with more than two decades of expertise in IT. He has worked across military, commercial, and higher education settings both domestically and abroad.

He is an expert in systems administration, engineering and architecture. His passion lies in providing technology solutions that support a variety of complex system environments.

Early Life and Education

Kendall was born on February 14th 1891 in Kirkwood, Missouri to an upper middle class family and later attended Brown University.

Kendall developed an interest in theater during college. He joined the Sock and Buskin Society, appearing in numerous plays.

Kendall was an inspiring role model for students at Wabash. He was a dedicated, ambitious and hard-working individual who made a lasting impression on the institution.

His life was filled with extraordinary experiences, both personal and professional. His newspaper, the Picayune, advocated expansionist politics and traveled to Santa Fe where he endured imprisonment in Mexican jails while reporting on the Mexican War.

Professional Career

Kendall brings legal and business expertise to healthcare organizations as they navigate market opportunities and regulatory shifts. He represents hospitals, health systems, home health agencies, behavioral health providers and physician groups in strategic transactions, compliance issues and value-based care models. Furthermore, he defends clients in governmental investigations and provides advice on privacy laws, self-referral restrictions and other state/federal regulatory matters.

Kendall is a member of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey’s Public Service Initiative and its director. In 2010, his work to combat injustice and inequality within criminal justice systems earned him the Equal Justice Institute’s 2010 Equal Justice Award.

He was born in Massachusetts and moved with his parents to Washington, New Jersey in 1962. As a restless youth, he pursued sports until finding fulfillment through playing for his primary school team at Lisnaharragh Secondary School.

Achievements and Honors

He was an esteemed member of the Royal Statistical Society, winning both Silver (1955) and Gold (1981) for his contributions. Additionally, Kendall helped pioneer stochastic statistics – now widely referred to as “stochastic analysis”.

He was an ardent reader, hiker and sailor with an eye for design. Additionally, he generously funded the Center for Statistical Learning at his alma mater Amherst College – something he had founded and funded himself.

He was an inspiring visionary with the unique ability to identify and fund the right projects at precisely the right time. His groundbreaking pro bono work at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey and collaboration with American Civil Liberties Union Eleventh Circuit Capital Litigation Project were among his many accomplishments. Additionally, his leadership of EJI’s Equal Justice Award–recognizing an individual or organization for making a notable contribution towards increasing equality within our legal system–deserved recognition.

Personal Life

Kendall had many faults. His quick wit often got him in trouble, and his uncontrolled impulses became an issue during his early college days at Stanford when he was arrested for drunk driving and showed up to work smelling of alcohol.

His personal life was not always smooth sailing. He divorced three times and alienated colleagues, friends, and students.

One of Owen’s more captivating aspects of the book is his exploration of Kendall’s personal life. He gives us an insightful portrait of a complex individual who was also an influential figure in intellectual circles.

Net Worth

Kendall is one of the top models in the world and has amassed a fortune from her career. She began modeling at an early age, and now earns millions each year from modeling.

She earns a significant income from her appearances on KUWTK and endorsement deals with brands like Pepsi, Proactiv, and PacSun. Furthermore, she owns 818 Tequila and has collaborated with her sister Kylie Jenner several times.

According to an October 2020 Forbes report, she is estimated to be worth an estimated $90 million. Additionally, the oldest Kardashian sibling enjoys a lucrative role as “momager,” taking 10% of her younger siblings’ earnings.

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