Kerandez Thomas

Kerandez Thomas Passes Away at 62

Kerandez Thomas’ widow Chayla is struggling to raise their son Legend as a single mother despite funeral costs and ongoing bills that require payment. Chayla requires assistance for both funeral costs and ongoing bills payments to be able to provide proper care for Legend.

Last month, it was discovered that Thomas suffered from stage 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The cause is believed to be his numerous head traumas during his NFL career.

Early Life and Education

Kerandez Thomas hails from New Jersey. A member of Tabernacle of Faith Church Inc COGIC and ordained minister, as well as being a highly accomplished academic and author, Kerandez currently resides.

He attended Antioch High School and Prairie View A&M University before beginning to work as a teacher in Dayton, Ohio school district. Additionally, with help from Winfred Thomas who also taught, he took up civil rights activism alongside her.

Thomas later participated in radio’s Brain of Britain contest and quickly established himself as an engaging quiz show fixture, earning praise from contemporaries for his intelligence, wit, and humor. He has received multiple honorary doctorates as well as being named an Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellow in Humanities in 1991 and 1992.

Professional Career

Thomas has had a difficult career, generating many questions during his time at Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences before being hired at Urban Dove. Thomas’ former chief of staff reported difficulty with Thomas’ credibility while an inaccurate biography circulated during his campaign for Pennsylvania House of Representatives contained falsehoods such as being head of a 75-school charter management organization when in reality only managed one; current Urban Dove website biography lists him only as national school leader recognized by White House; Thomas declined comment regarding what schools he led previously.

Personal Life

Kerandez Thomas and Chayla Thomas had one son together named Legend. Kerandez Thomas was extremely devoted to his family and they were the center of his world, spending much of his free time spending time together as well as attending all their sporting events and school activities. Additionally, he was an outstanding public speaker who inspired many others with his powerful oratory.

He was a true gentleman and will be greatly missed. His funeral services in Tuscumbia, Alabama were well attended by family and friends who will remember his lasting legacy of kindness for generations to come.

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