Kylie Jenner Chucky’s Bride

Kylie Jenner in Bride of Frankenstein Costume

Kylie Jenner has worn a variety of Halloween costumes over the years. She has been spotted dressed in various pop culture icons as well as horror classics. This year, she donned a Bride of Frankenstein costume.

In the photo, which was posted to Instagram, Kylie can be seen strapped to a table that looks like a scary operating room. The look is a fusion of old Hollywood glamour and modern day sci-fi. There are also a few futuristic glasses on her face, as well as a stitched scar on her neck.

Another of Kylie’s costumes was a white mummy-style outfit. Unlike her other Halloween costumes, this one emphasized the boobs. Interestingly, her costume included a pair of white furry boots, as well as a short wig. It’s unclear if this was part of the costume or just a wig.

For the next Halloween, she wore an angel costume. Taking a cue from the Victoria’s Secret Angels, she borrowed wings from the brand’s archives. While this wasn’t a full-fledged costume, the wings were still a standout accessory. Besides wearing lace-up heels and drop earrings, Jenner’s look was finished off with a choker and icy makeup.

In another look, Kylie modeled an Xtina costume. This was an outfit that she wore to her 36th birthday party in 2016. Although the look had been around for years, the costume was new to Jenner. During the shoot, she added black lipstick to the look, and wore a black tank top. Similarly, Kylie modeled a racy ’70s-inspired costume in the midst of her pregnancy.

The couple, who have been dating for over a year, have made a series of music videos together. They also enjoy a lot of junk food. So, they were a natural fit for the Halloween theme. However, their costumes did draw a lot of attention. Some commenters argued that their costumes lacked creativity. Others rolled their eyes.

Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker also attended a Halloween party. Their costumes were also a major hit. After the night ended, they were photographed wearing their costumes and then ripping off their wigs.

Kourtney and Barker were also spotted at the annual Halloween Party at Khloe Kardashian’s house. According to the story, Kourtney and Barker were dressed up as Tiffany and Chucky from the classic Bride of Chucky film.

When it came to Kylie’s costumes, fans were incredibly confused about the matching looks. Many slammed Jenner for going overboard on the costuming. On the other hand, others praised the look as a clever tribute to the cult horror classic.

Tyga also dressed up as Chucky. Apparently, it wasn’t too much of a problem. Both of the rapper’s costumes were quite similar, and some fans were confused about which outfit was which. Eventually, Kourtney and Barker explained that the mishap was just a coincidence.

In addition to wearing the same outfits as the rapper, Kourtney and Barker also posed in front of a spooky Halloween scene. As such, the two shared several photos of their costumes on Instagram.

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