Lanitra Adams

Lanitra Adams, FNP is a Nurse Practitioner

Lanitra Adams is a family nurse practitioner with a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing. She can work independently or as part of a team led by a physician.

She alleges that QVC violated both the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act by forcing non-exempt call center employees to work off-the-clock hours. Her aim is to represent an opt-in collective of current and former QVC call center employees seeking unpaid overtime wages.

Early Life and Education

Lanitra Adams, FNP is an outstanding Nurse Practitioner located in Memphis, TN who has received top ratings on Medicare quality ratings.

Adams’s The Education is a thoughtful contemplation on the social, technological, and intellectual transformations that took place over half a century during Adams’s adulthood. It echoes his disappointment that formal schooling–focused largely on classics, history and literature–had not equipped him to deal with these changes effectively.

This provider participates in Medicare’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, with most PPO plans covering visits after meeting a deductible threshold. They accept assignment of benefits; that means they won’t bill beneficiaries directly but instead may collect copayment or coinsurance amounts due. They’re also enrolled with Telehealth appointments for convenient services delivery.

Professional Career

Lanitra Adams is an expert nurse practitioner with an expansive medical knowledge. Registered nurses with graduate degrees such as Lanitra can diagnose and treat health conditions using these advanced skills in hospitals, clinics or doctor’s offices.

Lanitra Adams is a family nurse practitioner enrolled with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services under provider number 004021, participating in their Quality Program with outstanding reviews received based on objective data.

Lanitra Adams, FNP of Memphis accepts numerous insurance plans and provides both in-office visits as well as telehealth appointments. Please keep in mind that accepted plans may vary so it is always wise to double check coverage prior to scheduling an appointment with her.

Personal Life

Lanitra Adams is a nurse practitioner enrolled with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services who currently practices at SANITAS MEDICAL CENTER OF TENNESSEE PC in Memphis. She holds an Advanced Nursing Practitioner Certificate as well as receiving rave reviews based on independent evaluation.

She accepts multiple insurance plans and can be reached through phone or telehealth appointments. Please remember that acceptance may change over time, so always double-check with the provider prior to scheduling an appointment.

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Net Worth

Lanitra Adams has an estimated net worth of $300,000. Her impressive salary allows her to live an enjoyable and comfortable life, and she looks forward to an exciting future as part of the work force.

At present, she provides coverage to Suwannee, Lafayette and Taylor Counties principally, but also occasionally covers other parts of South Georgia and North Florida.

Lanitra Adams, FNP offers services with various insurance providers; please reach out directly to the office to verify whether yours is accepted.

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