Laura Mellado Net Worth

Laura Mellado is an American blogger, YouTuber, TikTok Star and Instagrammer with over 100,000 followers across various social media platforms – especially fashion ones! Additionally, she runs a family YouTube channel alongside her husband.

Mellado married Victor Hallman in 2019, and shared details about their love story in one of her videos.

Early Life and Education

Laura Mellado is a well-known fashion blogger and YouTuber with an enormous following on the platform. She serves as an example to many and shares positive messages through her videos showcasing her positive outlook on life.

She was born January 30th 1992 and possesses a mixed ethnic background. As an American citizen and holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business she holds dual citizenship status.

Her boutique began as her mother’s secondhand shop in Whittier, California and has grown into a full-fledged store known for its distinctive designs and collections.

She is married to Victor Hallman and has one child, Elliot. They frequently appear in her videos as an integral part of her life and contribute to charitable causes in various capacities.

Professional Career

Laura Mellado is an esteemed fashion designer and social media influencer who has made waves online through her business ventures and YouTube channel. Her content has gained massive traction among her target demographic, making Laura an audience favourite across various platforms.

Laura has also become known for her boutique, Laura’s Boutique, which specializes in custom designed clothing lines and has attracted celebrity clients.

Mellado and Victor Hallman share a son named Elliot, whom she often mentions in her videos and enjoys a close bond with. Additionally, Mellado’s two brothers Marcus and Max can often be seen making appearances alongside Elliot. All four share an enduring and loving connection.

Achievement and Honors

Laura Mellado is a beloved American blogger, YouTuber, and entrepreneur who rose to prominence with her online clothing boutique Laura’s Boutique and family YouTube channel LVE FAMILY with her husband and son.

Mellado’s YouTube videos are entertaining and captivating, garnering her an enormous following. Mellado remains a positive influencer, never engaging in controversial activities or content that could jeopardise her career.

Mellado has two brothers named Marcus and Max who often make appearances in her YouTube videos. She is married to Victor Hallman and lives a happy life with him and their son Elliot. Mellado is also an avid fitness enthusiast with an active workout regimen and diet plan; boasting brown eyes with black hair.

Personal Life

Laura Mellado is a popular social media influencer, fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She rose to fame through her clothing boutique and YouTube channel; currently, she and her husband run LVE Family’s channel as family YouTube channels.

She has amassed an extensive following across all major platforms and has become an inspiration to many people due to her hard work and determination.

She married Victor Hallman whom she met through YouTube. In one of her videos she revealed their romance: he was instantly taken with her beauty at Disneyland when they first met! Now the couple enjoy living as a happy and prosperous family of four together in Whitter, California.

Net Worth

Laura Mellado of Whittier, California is known to many for her clothing boutique Laura’s Boutique. Her designs have gained widespread acclaim and even been worn by celebrity social media influencers such as James Charles.

She also maintains a YouTube channel where she shares her daily life with fans and viewers, earning herself quite the cult-following. Her vlogs have garnered her quite an extensive fan base.

Mellado and Victor Hallman have a son together named Elliot. Additionally, the couple operates LVE FAMILY channel together.

Mellado has never been involved in any controversies or scandals and is known for her clean lifestyle. She sticks to a healthy diet and works out regularly to stay in shape. At 5 feet 7 inches, Mellado lives with her husband and son in California.

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