Leigh Rich

Leigh has written and presented widely on an array of subjects, such as bioethics and the body, health law-related visual media gender analyses and qualitative methodologies. Her primary research areas of focus include these.

Leigh’s work explores grim histories, but they tend to evoke solemnity rather than pathos. For example, this survey features an entryway adorned with gold female figures inspired by jugs created by slaves in Edgefield, South Carolina.

Early Life and Education

Leigh Rich has written many articles covering topics like bioethics and the body, health-related law and visual media. Additionally, she serves as an associate professor in Health Administration with research centered around philosophy of medicine, gender issues and qualitative methodologies.

She adores the Gunnison Valley and all that it offers – lush landscape, cold winters and its signature smell of sage being her favorites – not to mention its quiet surroundings and serenity.

Leigh Rich has long been recognized for his talents as a dancer. He has worked with multiple companies and performed throughout the US and internationally, most notably with Rennie Harris Pure Movement (RHPM). Through dance, Leigh Rich has contributed greatly to fostering hip hop culture around the globe.

Professional Career

Leigh Rich followed in Chekhov’s footsteps by pursuing both literature and medicine with equal passion, becoming a recognized expert in bioethics, health communication and gender and the media. She worked and studied in Australia, Denmark, Italy Russia Switzerland. Additionally she holds both an M.A. in Cultural/Medical Anthropology as well as her Ph.D.

Holladay writes of Rich as unapologetically strong and self-critical, yet she understood the need to adapt. Rich was often on the go – critical of white women’s liberation’s lack of diversity, pro-sexual at the height of anti-pornography policies and ready to offer critical commentary as American feminism grew over time.

Shannon leaves behind her sons Scotty and Jordan Nixon as well as parents Danny and Margie Reece of Summerville; all will miss her greatly.

Personal Life

Shannon Leigh Rich Nixon of Summerville passed away Friday. She leaves two sons behind: Scotty and Jordan Nixon as well as her parents Danny and Margie Reece from Summerville.

She wrote Myths of PR, launched Radioactive PR as a full service public relations agency and made PRWeek’s “29 Under 29” list in 2012.

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