Leslie Bellair

Leslie Bellair – A Passionate, Go-Getter Woman

Leslie Bellair is an accomplished voice-over artist, stage actor and film actress as well as trained singer. Additionally, she holds certification as a speech-language pathologist. Leslie is best known for narrating several audio books as well as working on various television and movie projects.

Hilary hosts an influencer event at Bel-Air. Carlton and Romario attend, but become distracted by their feelings for Lucia.

Early Life and Education

Leslie was a dynamic and adventurous woman, unafraid to try new experiences. Always on the move and keen to travel anywhere she could, Leslie enjoyed taking along her favorite book wherever she went and reading news articles provided by Hart, her father.

She was an avid Harley rider and an associate member of both National HOG & 3 State NW LA HOG Chapters. Her true joy lay in spending time with Kelly Kirk and Casey Bemis as well as their families.

Leslie also enjoyed spending time with many close friends whom she enjoyed spending her free time with, so all those who knew Leslie will miss her dearly. Leslie resided in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Professional Career

Leslie Bellair is an actor, voice-over artist, and certified speech-language pathologist. She is best known for narrating several audiobooks such as Ravencliffe, The Inventor’s Secret, Landry Park Blythewood Tarnish. Additionally she has performed at Horizon Theater including shows such as Toxic Avenger and Avenue Q as well as Alliance Theatre productions of Les Miserables and Mulan.

As Senior Director of Human Resources at Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, she oversees integration between multiple medical practices into the Johns Hopkins Health System, while directly supporting practicing physicians, physician leaders and administrative professionals. With over 25 years of human resource management and leadership experience under her belt,

Achievement and Honors

Leslie Bellair is a five-time Iron Man finisher known for her resilience. This determination and commitment shines through when working with clients – every transaction runs smoothly while constantly striving to surpass expectations.

She has received the EANESpiration award, honoring those who go above and beyond their job responsibilities, for going beyond them to achieve excellence. In addition, she is currently studying Higher Education Leadership at TCU.

She boasts an impressive resume, featuring professional experience in musical theatre as well as voiceover work for several iPhone applications, an online game, and various audio books published by Audible. Aurora Theater’s staging of “Les Miserables” won big at this year’s Suzi Bass Awards for musical productions; she won awards both as featured actress Leslie Bellair and scenic designer Phillip Male.

Personal Life

Leslie is a voice-over artist, stage and film actor, trained singer and certified speech-language pathologist. She has narrated numerous audio books for Audible Inc, Carina Press, Oxford Press as well as Diss Crazy! and Back to the Cubeture 2.

Professional musical theater work has greatly strengthened her vocal delivery on mic.

Leslie and Jon remain confident in their marriage despite numerous past relationships such as Charlie Sheen and Richard Grieco; neither seem to let fame interfere with their union; instead, they plan on continuing with their jet-setting lifestyle between Los Angeles and Hong Kong/Australia for frequent vacations together.

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