Levi Henry

Who Is Levi Henry?

Levi was exonerated thanks to an effective defense team led by future Supreme Court Justice Henry Brockholst Livingston, which persuaded a jury that Weeks did not present an impressive case against her.

In February 1944, he was transferred to Monowitz concentration camp as part of Auschwitz concentration camps, spending eleven months there before it was liberated by the Red Army.

Early Life and Education

Levi Strauss arrived in America with his mother aboard a ship bound for New York, joining his brothers’ wholesale dry goods business. Two years later he moved west, settling in San Francisco, opening his first store selling all sorts of products.

He used his entrepreneurial spirit to launch the Westside Gazette and help lay the groundwork for many of the advancements Broward County’s Black community has enjoyed today. Focusing on health, politics, business and philanthropy issues as the cornerstones of change throughout our region for decades now has brought change across our community.

He leaves behind Sandra Yates Faul and Dave Faul of Burns; grandson Patrick Mills from Pendelton, Oregon; sister Sharon Burnsed from Fort Meade Florida and several nieces and nephews scattered between Florida, Montana and Oregon.

Professional Career

Levi has been running back for the Tennessee Titans since 2016. In 2020, he became the first NFL player to record three 200-yard rushing games within one season and join Earl Campbell (four in 1980), O.J. Simpson (1973), Tiki Barber (2005) and Jay Ajayi (2016) as one of five players who have recorded at least two rushing touchdowns in any given game since franchise history began in 1970.

Levi is both an anime fanatic and manga enthusiast, spending much of his free time watching anime or reading manga, or other media forms. He even uses his Student Council laptop for storage of personal manga volumes! Henry the goldfish is named in honor of a character in TSL series who shares that name.

Achievement and Honors

Levi’s grandmother, Gladys Henry, played an essential part in his life. She guided and influenced his education and was the reason he decided to attend college – something he has committed himself to doing by dedicating his bachelor’s degree to her. Additionally, she has her portrait tattooed onto his chest as an ongoing reminder.

At Alabama, he earned multiple accolades during his time, such as Heisman Trophy winner, Doak Walker Award, Maxwell Award and Walter Camp Player of the Year honors. Furthermore, during his junior season he ran for an SEC record 2,219 yards rushing.

His brother Ben currently plays football at LA Tech University. Levi means joined together or united in Old Testament biblical scripture.

Personal Life

Levi first began writing for La Stampa, the Turin newspaper. Soon thereafter, his reputation had grown, and he started work on The Truce: My Train Journey Home after Escaping Auschwitz; published in 1963 and winning its respective Premio Campiello literary award.

He became involved with organizations dedicated to commemorating and recording the horrors of concentration camps, attending many anniversary events while recounting his own personal experiences.

Levi keeps an acoustic guitar in his spare room of his Hampton, Virginia house that he uses whenever inspiration strikes him to compose music and perform in local bands. Additionally, he plans on releasing his third album later this year and often relaxes by watching movies or enjoying a glass of wine while sitting down.

Net Worth

At present, Levis’ net worth is estimated to exceed $1 Million. Born into a wealthy family and taught to be self-reliant from an early age, he’s set himself up for success in life. Acting projects are his main source of income but he also invests in rental property and developing businesses to bolster his income stream.

Chuck Bartowski made him a household name on FX series “Chuck,” while recently being cast in Shazam! sequel where it is expected that he will earn even more.

Israel Levi has not traded in Ault Alliance Inc (AULT) since 22 August 2011, per SEC insider filings. Additionally, two trades were completed at Harmonic Inc (HLIT). For a complete view of Israel Levi’s form 4 trading history please click here.

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