Liam Hanley

Liam Hanley

His first serious paintings depicted the barren Welsh landscape near his childhood home and would become a central theme in his later works.

Hanley’s disturbing novel, Boy, depicts the sexual abuse of working-class seamen at sea and during wartime in an open and explicit fashion which violated censorship rules at the time.

Early Life and Education

Hanley was born in Dublin but spent much of his early life navigating ships at sea; it is said he kept an extensive library aboard them. Later he became a journalist by day while painting landscapes around his Welsh home during his free time.

Hanley broke away from social-realism’s restrictive confines which, in its nascent stages, denied working class characters any psychological dimension. Instead, his work shows the shifting identities that shape class identity as it continuously shifts.

His art depicting the Welsh landscape has always been a hallmark of quality; his reverence for nature can be seen both in pencil drawings and watercolours of Royston area, and in oil paintings depicting this same subject matter.

Professional Career

Hanley began studying at Wrekin College, Shropshire before serving with the Royal Marines during National Service in Malta, Libya, and Egypt. Following this he took evening classes at Central School of Art while also working as a journalist – though by late 1955 painting became his sole profession.

He held several solo exhibitions, such as at the Royal Society of Arts in 1962. Additionally, his works were displayed at St Pancras and Camden Festivals. Over time his style became increasingly abstract while remaining romantic in its composition.

Liam played linebacker for Maritime University’s 2016 team as a linebacker, after previously attending Sayville High School where he earned All-County, First Team All-Long Island and Bob Collotta Award honors (most outstanding linebacker on Long Island). Liam currently majors in Marine Transportation with a Deck License major.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Hanley was an artist by day and journalist by night, taking part-time classes at the Central School of Art but largely self-teaching himself. Beginning to exhibit in mid 1950s he eventually turned full time into painting in late 80s with several solo shows as well as participation in mixed exhibitions.

His work was greatly influenced by Ben Nicholson and Morandi, and displayed serene lyrical poetry. Furthermore, he was an adept draftsman, painting the landscape around his old home in Wales – often remaining passionately focused on this one subject matter.

He has earned numerous accolades and recognitions for his efforts, such as the Youth Citizenship Medal which recognizes students who exemplify honor, service, courage, leadership and patriotism in their everyday lives.

Personal Life

Hanley took early retirement from ITN to devote himself exclusively to painting, holding his inaugural one-man show at the Royal Society of Arts in 1962. Since then he exhibited regularly across London, Newcastle, Chichester and Kendal and his style became increasingly abstract yet romantic with high viewpoints and vibrant tones in each painting he produced.

He lived in Kentish Town but found great solace and inspiration painting two square miles of undulating fields near Royston in Hertfordshire with great enthusiasm and imagination. Among his friends were radical novelists TE Lawrence, EM Forster, Henry Green and John Cowper Powys (his godfather), while his artistic flair came from his mother – herself an artist, collage-maker and writer.

Net Worthliam branger

Liam Hanley had an esteemed career as both a journalist and artist. He gained international acclaim for his small, semi-abstracted paintings that often unmistakably surrealism; they won him wide critical acclaim at galleries including Beardsmore Gallery, Crane Kalman and Chappel Galleries; his solo exhibition was held just prior to his passing at Abbott & Holder Galleries in Abbott & Holder he is survived by Hilary and their son.

Hanley attacked Sarah Harries at her flat in Sussex Wharf, Shoreham on September 12, stabbing her 39 times before playing her distressing 999 call for court viewing. Hanley was found guilty of GBH and sentenced to 16 years of incarceration by the Criminal Courts. Born in New Jersey and having moved early onto British soil from that state.

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