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Powerlifting Star – Liam Newell

Liam Newell is an impressive powerlifter who recently made headlines for achieving an extraordinary deadlift performance at only his third sanctioned competition – lifting a staggering 777 pounds, the second-heaviest lift in his 18-19 age division!

He achieved this impressive feat at the 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals, an extraordinary accomplishment considering he only started competing seriously in January 2021.

Early Life and Education

Liam Newell achieved an 18-19 age division American record for deadlift at the 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals by using a sumo stance, single leg deadlift, and hook grip for lifting 777lbs, more than 4x his bodyweight!

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Professional Career

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Liam Newell achieved an astonishing deadlift of 352.5 kilograms (777 pounds) at only his third powerlifting competition: 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals. To accomplish it, he employed a sumo stance and hook grip while wearing singlet and belt – all feats achieved with impressive ease!

His performance has delighted spectators and he was named Teen (18-19) American Deadlift Record Holder in this weight class – truly a generational talent!

Achievement and Honors

At just 19 years old, Newell has already made quite an impressionful statement in powerlifting. He has won two competitions and set one National Record; most notably at the 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals in Lombard, Illinois where he lifted 352.5 kilograms (777 pounds). This incredible accomplishment ranks as second heaviest deadlift ever lifted by a teenager aged 18-19 age division; pulled with sumo stance, hook grip and lifting belt.

Volunteer for Legacy Global Sports girls lacrosse programs where he assists in running tournaments and tryouts; interne for Lake House Solutions and Our Neighbors Child Non-Profit Organization. He was honored to receive this scholarship that honors one of his former journalism professors known for having high moral and professional standards.

Personal Life

Liam Newell has quickly made an impressionful entrance onto the powerlifting scene with some jaw-dropping lifts in just his first three sanctioned competitions, earning two victories and setting one American record during these contests. At 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals he set yet another mark by lifting 352.5 kilograms (777 pounds) for an 18-19 age division raw deadlift American record!

He used a sumo stance and hook grip while wearing a singlet and lifting belt to perform this feat of strength, which resulted in an unprecedented 777-pound pull, second in its weight class worldwide.

Young powerlifter from Louisburg, Iowa is an inspiration to his followers. As his career advances and progresses he may become one of the top powerlifters globally.

Net Worth

Liam Newell currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million, thanks to acting and powerlifting earnings combined. Furthermore, he owns shares in Modular Medical Inc and has not made any insider transactions within the last 18 months.

At the 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals, he competed in the 90 kg category and finished fourth overall, lifting an astounding 777-lb deadlift – 4x his bodyweight! Additionally, he has established several powerlifting records including multiple championship titles in 77 kg category powerlifting, national record for 83 kg weight category as well as USAPL world record status.

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