Liborio Bellomo Net Worth

Liborio Bellomo net worth is widely known for being an influential mobster who oversees an expansive criminal gang. He serves as an official boss of Genovese Crime Family; unfortunately his educational details remain unavailable.

He joined the Mafia in 1977 as part of Saverio Santora’s 116th Street crew and served as top capo of his family until being indicted and sent to prison for 12 years before finally being released in 2008.

Early Life and Education

Bellomo joined Genovese family Capo Saverio Santora’s East Harlem 116th Street Crew after being sponsored by Vincent Cafaro and quickly established himself within it, becoming involved with both gangbing and labor racketeering activities at Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan where his crew controlled key union positions; additionally they operated their own garbage hauling business.

In 1998, Bellomo ordered the murder of mobster Ralph Coppola due to his disrespectful treatment by him and the crew, according to government witness Peter Peluso. Bellomo indicated this desire through government witness Peter Peluso who testified.

Bellomo was sentenced to 41 months of incarceration by Manhattan federal Judge Lewis Kaplan; Sabrina is credited for helping him receive such a light punishment. After serving twelve years behind bars he was released on December 1, 2008 with an estimated net worth estimated as of 2019 of approximately $200k.

Professional Career

Liborio Bellomo is an American mobster known for leading the Genovese Crime Family and excelling at waterfront racketeering, boasting 15 packs as partners. He is well-known within the criminal underworld as an unforgiving criminal.

Bellomo first entered the mafia in 1977, serving in the 116th Street Crew led by Saverio Santora as underboss. Following Vincent Gigante’s indictment in the Windows Case, Bellomo assumed control of Genovese Family operations until an official successor could be appointed.

Bellomo was found guilty of Federal extortion charges in 1997 and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Additionally, he ordered the 1998 murder of Ralph Coppola (Genovese Family Soldier and Acting Capo). Furthermore, he conspired with government witness Peter Peluso in order to obstruct justice against justice witnesses.

Achievement and Honors

In 1996, Bellomo was charged with coercion and work racketeering. Allegedly he ordered the killing of Genovese family soldier Ralph Coppola portrayed by Joe Pesci in the movie Goodfellas.

He was found guilty on all three charges and sentenced to 10 years of incarceration, continuing to exert significant control over the Genovese crime family even from behind bars.

He was double cousins with fellow mobster Liborio Thomas Bellomo; their fathers are brothers and their mothers sisters – leading law enforcement officers on several occasions to confuse the two individuals. He built an impressive gangland foundation filled with numerous acts of wrongdoings, acting as current authority supervisor of Genovese Wrongdoing Family; also completed two polygraph examinations and cleared of allegations regarding two American civilian deaths.

Personal Life

Liborio Bellomo’s daughter appeared in Manhattan Federal Court to explain how his imprisonment has affected her. Commonly known as “Barney,” Liborio served as acting head of the Genovese Family following Vincent Gigante’s arrest for Windows Case in 1990.

Liborio Salvatore Bellomo was born January 8th 1957 in Sicily Italy and became part of the Genovese Crime Family shortly thereafter, living among criminals who helped mold him into one.

Bellomo does not appear to have received much academic education; however, he likely completed basic tutoring from a local establishment prior to joining the Genovese Crime Family and later Federal Correctional Facility where he broke Mafia law by disclosing that Ralph Desimone was working as a government informant.

Net Worth

Liborio Salvatore Bellomo is an American mobster and currently acts as acting boss of the Genovese crime family. His criminal history includes murder as well as various types of illegal acts; moreover, he has made his reputation by extracting money from various businesses and organizations in New York City.

He became notorious for ordering the death of Ralph Coppola, his crew captain. Though reasons behind this killing remain unclear, some speculate it was because Coppola was disrespectful or taking profits unfairly from them.

Genovese associate Liborio Thomas Bellomo is related by blood to both of their cousins; their fathers are brothers while their mothers are sisters, leading law enforcement officials to misidentify both individuals on several occasions. For instance, in 1997 Liborio Thomas falsely testified in an affidavit that he was guilty of federal charges instead of his cousin.

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