Lil Olive

A Voice For Lil Olive

Peter Schuermann of Springs is working tirelessly to raise awareness about puppy mills. Currently he’s raising funds for A Voice for Lil Olive, a documentary that documents a family and their rescued pup’s special bond.

Lil Olive was an Italian greyhound who spent twelve years being constantly bred for pet store sales, inspiring a movement.

Early Life and Education

Harriet, Olive’s grandmother, was an impressive philanthropist who ran several schools for women and girls in India while also raising funds for Barnardo’s Homes. Olive was inspired by this example to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps in helping those less fortunate – becoming well known for sharing stories of charity work she was involved with.

She described her childhood as one filled with gardens, flowers and carefree days. Thomas was a bookseller while Jessie belonged to an elite family in San Francisco.

Kirsten Akens of Springs magazine contributor is leading an effort to produce a documentary film about Olive called A Voice for Lil Olive. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has already raised development funds; featuring animal advocacy experts such as Kaley Cuoco, Patrick Fabian and Victoria Stilwell as featured participants.

Professional Career

Olive is an accomplished artist renowned for her solo and group exhibitions. Her pieces can be found in several prestigious collections including Rose O’Neil House, Orthopedic Specialists of Springfield and Discovery Center Children’s Museum – in addition to public and private spaces alike.

She is also co-producer of A Voice for Lil Olive, a documentary film that follows an inspiring Greyhound puppy mill survivor. Directed by Peter Schuermann – also an active contributor at Springs magazine – this campaign garnered most of its development funds through Indiegogo campaign last spring.

Pawdcast, her popular podcast, gives voice to those without one. Each week’s show provides animal advocacy advice, merchandise advice and stories of how rescue dogs have changed lives; garnering celebrity supporters such as Kaley Cuoco, Linda Blair and Patrick Fabian as avid listeners.

Achievement and Honors

Olive has participated in six solo exhibitions and various group shows. Her work was also selected for inclusion in Ecoconsciousness, a national juried show.

Olive’s parents worry that she will be embarrassed in her amateur entry; however, Sheryl insists she go on stage anyway and the result is one of cinema’s most heartwarming scenes.

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Personal Life

Olive is an enthusiastic, inspiring spirit who relishes every minute of her life. She delights in being the “big sister” to Max and Lucy during the day; while also loving being their friend.

After years in a puppy mill industry, she was fortunate to be saved by Pam Horton and given an incredible home. Her story has since reached thousands of people online through social media channels such as Facebook; raising awareness about the breeding industry’s inhumane practices towards dogs.

Kaley Cuoco of “Big Bang Theory” fame and Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog fame are just two celebrities lending their voices to A Voice for Lil Olive; an anticipated release date of 2020 should see this film depict the relationship between one family and their adopted pet and an opportunity for others to take action against puppy mills.

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