Lily Allen Net Worth

Lily Allen Net Worth

During her career, Lily Allen has earned numerous awards and nominations. She has also been a part of many television series and films. Her most notable work has been on the show Beverly Hills 90210.

Early life

Described as a versatile singer and songwriter, Lily Allen has collaborated with Robbie Williams, Dizzee Rascal, Basement Jaxx, and Kaiser Chiefs. Born in Hammersmith, West London, Lily Allen has a British identity. Her father, Keith Allen, is an actor and comedian. Her mother, Alison Owen, is a film producer. Lily has two sisters.

Lily Allen grew up in a working class environment. She attended 13 different schools from age five until age fifteen. She then dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music.

Lily Allen was discovered by Rachel Zeffira when she was eleven. Rachel Zeffira taught Lily Allen to play various instruments. She also gave Lily lessons in singing.


Having the name of Lily Allen in your rear view mirror is enough to put a smile on the face and a thump in your ego. After all, it is the daughter of comedian Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, not to mention a plethora of talent that is bound to be well vetted, you can’t be too hard on yourself.

The biggest stumbling block is the fact that Lily is still a student at London’s prestigious King’s College and while her musical education might be top notch, she’s hardly a seasoned pro. She has also been snubbed from the social networking fraternity, which is not a good look for any woman.

Social media profiles

Almost a year after deleting her Instagram account, Lily Allen has resurfaced. The 31-year-old singer and actress, who has two daughters with husband Sam Elliott, says her return is for “personal reasons”. But her new tweets have been focused on dementia care and Alzheimer’s disease.

Allen has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights. She recently criticized the music industry for the “pressure” women are put under to look a certain way. She also defended herself against criticism.

Allen had a rough relationship with her body in her 20s. She says she used to sleep for days to avoid eating. She also suffered a miscarriage and blood poisoning.

Awards and nominations

During her career, Lily Rose Beatrice Allen has won 31 awards. Her first was a stage award for her West End acting debut. She has been nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award, the MTV Video Music Awards, the Mercury Prize, the Ivor Novello Awards, and the BRIT Awards. She is also a Grammy nominee.

Lily Allen is an English singer-songwriter and actress. She was born on 2 May 1985. She is the daughter of film producer Alison Owen and actor Keith Allen. She has performed in numerous musicals, including Anything Goes and 2:22 – A Ghost Story. She is also a singer, songwriter, and a reggae artist. She has won the Ivor Novello Award three times for songwriting.

Relationship with David Kenneth Harbour

Despite their separate careers, David Harbour and Lily Allen have been spotted making out on the town. The pair recently attended the premiere of Stranger Things Season 4. They’ve also been spotted strolling through New York City. They’ve also attended the SAG Awards, the Oliver Awards and the Tribeca Film Festival.

When did they first meet? The pair first met on social media and later met in person. They’ve both been married before. Allen is the mother of two daughters from her previous relationship with businessman Sam Cooper.

They’ve also been spotted in London. Allen has also attended the Met Gala twice. This year, Allen was also spotted at the Champions for Change gala.


Despite having two kids and a lavish life in London, Lily Allen has managed to get inked. The singer, actress, model and singer has nine tattoos on her wrist. They range from a goofy smiley face to a map of the world.

The singer, actress and model has also been spotted wearing tattoos on her fingers and arms. She has a few tattoos on her back and ankle. Besides, she has a thigh tattoo which looks like it’s in a holster.

A recent video showing Lily Allen and Piers Morgan locked horns has caused quite a stir on social media. Lily claims she owns the necklace, and has been calling Piers out online.

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