Linda Oliver

Linda Oliver

Linda Oliver is an award-winning non-profit leader, author, and speaker. She founded Life Mastery Ministries as a church-based organization offering retreats and seminars; additionally she consults other organizations on programs and workshops they need implemented.

Oliver has one daughter and four grandchildren. She resides in Pittsburgh with her husband Stan and attends Mt. Ararat Church.

Early Life and Education

Linda Oliver was the mother of two children who attended de-segregated schools thanks to a lawsuit her family filed. According to The New York Times’ obituary, Linda also worked as an educational consultant and public speaker.

Her work as a private investigator led to the exposure of corruption within local government and foiled an extortion scheme involving multiple women. Her family suggests donations be made in her memory to Wayside Waifs instead of sending flowers in lieu of tributes.

She holds both a Bachelor of Arts from Lee University and Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Birmingham Theological Seminary. With over 10 years of experience serving student ministries both in California and Tennessee, she now contributes regularly to The Word in Youth Ministry podcast hosted by Reformed Youth Ministries.

Professional Career

Linda Oliver has been attending Mt. Ararat Church in Pittsburgh since 1998 and serving as spiritual leader over its women’s ministry since 2004. In her free time she enjoys crocheting, needle point, beaches and watching hummingbirds; furthermore she likes scuba diving as well as practicing her faith as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Linda has over ten years of experience working in youth ministries and is an active contributor to The Word in Youth Ministry podcast. Additionally, Linda has spoken at several conferences and written for numerous publications.

As a client director, she enjoys bringing different projects and teamwork efforts together for client care. With access to ample technical training courses, she takes pleasure in mentoring those on her team.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has received many honors and awards over her distinguished career. She is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and an alumna of Kansas University (KU). Additionally, Congress and National Park Service recognized Oliver for her efforts to preserve sites associated with an important Supreme Court case she played a vital role in.

She has also received the Mary Gates Scholarship and received a graduate research fellowship from NSF.

SIBL is delighted to announce that several undergraduate students from SIBL have received prestigious scholarships and grants to pursue further their education. Xiaoya will attend University of Chicago for her Masters in Social Science; Felice will study at New York University; Nathan will study at Northwestern; Eirmioni will continue his education at UW; while Jovani and Sapna both have presentations accepted into 2022 SPSP Diversity Science Conference!

Personal Life

Linda serves as Spiritual Leader of Mt. Ararat’s Women’s Ministry and has assisted many women who are experiencing heartache or loss to find comfort through counseling and healing services. Linda has also ministered to those suffering from health conditions like fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis.

She remains close to God and her family despite all of her achievements; she has three children, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She enjoys crocheting, needle point, needle points on beaches and watching hummingbirds; she is also a Jehovah Witness who enjoys sharing their healing testimony with others.

She volunteers at Wayside Waifs, supports local sports teams and charity events, is a lifelong fan of Pittsburgh Steelers and was in the military; currently living in Lee County Georgia.

Net Worth

Oliver remains private about her personal life and career choices. She has covered various major sporting events over time as an accomplished sports broadcaster.

Her first TV appearance occurred in 1957 when she played an innocent character on the live show Climax!. Since then, she has appeared in other filmed programs as well.

Her most iconic role may have been Bastian from The NeverEnding Story, a timeless classic considered a masterpiece to this day. Her performance stood out amongst all actors. After appearing in more movies she decided to turn away from acting to pursue other passions such as photography and technology instead.

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