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Hailly Lucas – Florist and Hostess – Digitalis ‘Lucas Flowers’

Hailly Lucas has become an established florist and event hostess by creating her business on her own. Specializing in large-scale event floral design, Hailly focuses her business exclusively on large event floral arrangements.

She boasts an exceptionally talented team working for her. They are dedicated to bringing your visions and creative requests to life, while staying current on trends and designs.

Early Life and Education

Lucas grew up surrounded by educators. As the son of neighborhood sweethearts and granddaughter of Lebanese immigrants, Lucas fostered an environment that prioritized learning. Since then, he has participated in developing several film projects, such as Red Tails that tells the tale of Tuskegee Airmen.

Lucas is a thoughtful individual who believes strongly in knightly virtues and loyalty to House Raylan. While he can be harsh toward people who wrong him, Lucas can also be extremely forgiving of those close to him.

Lucas shared his backstory with Argella when they first met, hoping she might consider him an ally. To his relief, she showed great empathy towards him as she helped him cope with his guilt over Lunett and Dairon’s deaths.

Professional Career

Lucas has been in business for more than seven years and enjoys creating designs that are both original and creative. She specializes in large-scale floral arrangements and works closely with clients to realize their visions.

Lucas first encountered Argella at the tavern where Harris attacked Dairon, where she impressed him with her non-lethal techniques against Harris and his group of thugs. She helped Lucas rebuild his self-esteem after sharing his backstory. They spent an enjoyable evening together.

Veronica is at the heart of our Young Plant Department, overseeing counts and keeping all rooted cuttings alive and accurate online! A tireless worker, she always has a smile on her face! We are grateful to have her as part of our team!

Achievement and Honors

Flowers was known for putting others first, always being there when needed and comforting the families of children she helped. Her kindness made everyone she encountered feel at ease and brought much relief and solace for families affected by her efforts.

Lucas, known by House Raylan and its liege lord as Ser Robert, is a knight in their service. Born to Lord Leo Vyrwel of Darkdell as one of four bastard children, he shares four half-siblings including Petyr. Lucas believes in knighthood ideals while showing great respect towards his superiors as well as loyally supporting friends and allies.

Lucas met Argella during his visit to Harris’ castle and was impressed by her non-lethal methods in handling both Harris and Darren. Later he confided to her his suffering at Maron Mullendore’s hands, promising her assistance against such oppressive regimes.

Personal Life

Digitalis ‘Lucas Flowers’ is an exceptional long-flowering hybrid that produces tall towers of pink and purple blooms over dense, clump forming foliage. Perfect for cutting or adding as an attractive accent in gardens, containers or borders.

Lucas is an honorable and selfless individual who values knighthood and chivalry as core ideals of his existence. He shows respect to his superiors while remaining loyal to Lord Raylan as his liege lord.

Lucas Vyrwel was the only son of Leo Vyrwel. Lucas has four half-siblings – including his brother Petyr – that include John Gutten’s group in their journey to Essos and later returned home, where his siblings welcomed him as one. Although Lucas started off rough, he has become a dedicated servant of House Raylan.

Net Worth

Lucas Thomas currently has an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. His family owns an expansive greenhouse business which allows him to earn additional money through TikTok videos, promotional brand offers and shout-out offers.

George Lucas wanted a one-acre plot where he and Louise could grow flowers for home gardeners, and today their facility in Monroeville stands taller than Vatican City with no statues to stand watch over it!

Lucas and Argella met during Harris’s downfall when she intervened to break up a fight between Harris and Darren and impressed Lucas with her nonlethal nature, prompting him to consider her as an ally against Mullendore, eventually disclosing Harris’ crimes to her. Argella showed kindness towards Lucas; after this event they continued being friends.

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