Lucas Hollar

Actor – Lucas Hollar

Lucas has provided foundations and corporations with evaluations of public health initiatives relating to patient experience of care and childhood obesity, writing and publishing articles about this subject matter.

Sir Thomas Herbert asked Hollar to produce this print of Persepolis from his own written descriptions and possibly sketches.

Early Life and Education

Lucas hails from Denton and attended Billy Ryan High School. He takes great pleasure in practicing his profession in his home area and supporting it by joining local arts, music and charity organizations. Lucas currently works at a large regional firm in Fort Worth that serves both business and real estate groups; there, he provides business and real estate transactions services such as contract drafting/negotiations as well as title due diligence; conducting warehouse lease reviews as well as revision of warehouse/office lease agreements.

Lucas Scott played Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill, an immensely profitable series for The WB and later The CW that followed the romance between brothers Lucas (Hilarie Burton) and Peyton Sawyer (Lindsey Strauss) from their birth until adulthood. Lucas later appeared alongside Jon Voight in Jerry Bruckheimer’s Glory Road (2006) as well as Charles Lindbergh for Clint Eastwood in J. Edgar (2011).

Professional Career

Lucas began his acting career by appearing in professional theater productions and onstage performances, before eventually making the transition to New York City and starting to land small roles in film and TV productions.

From 1660 on, Hollar focused his artistic energies on book illustration through William Dugdale of Dugdale Press or possibly John Ogilby (a herald for King Charles I). Additionally, he continued mapping activities and developed an aptitude for drawing daring perspective drawings of buildings.

In March 1669 he rejoined forces with the Earl of Arundel by petitioning Charles II for permission to accompany an expedition as “royal scenographer”, likely returning him to Arundel House duties he once performed there at age 62. More etchings were produced after this, although his activity as a draftsman ceased entirely.

Personal Life

Lucas studied acting at Suzanne Shepherd’s workshop before making his off-Broadway debut in Corpus Christi and Shakespeare in the Parking Lot off-Broadway productions. Since then he has appeared in multiple independent films and TV shows before landing his breakout role in You Can Count on Me.

Dugdale asked Hollar to travel around England making drawings of cathedrals, monastic foundations, tombs and stained glass windows. Additionally he served as Earl Arundel’s personal draughtsman and printmaker – giving him patronage to support his artistic endeavors.

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