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Rapper and Publisher – Lucas Japan

Lucas runs Knee High Media, publishing travel magazine PAPERSKY, children’s magazine Mammoth and cycling publications Metromin and Plants+. In addition, he leads Papersky bicycle tours that allow individuals to rediscover hidden corners of cities.

He lives in a 90-year-old house that serves both as his office and home – with an outdoor garden on the first floor, and Japanese tatami rooms on the second.

Early Life and Education

Lucas was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in San Francisco before graduating from the University of California. Following this move to Japan in 1996, he established Knee High Media which publishes TOKION cultural magazine as well as travel and lifestyle publications PAPERSKY and mammoth.

He lives in a 90-year-old Japanese house that he rents out both as his office and residence, complete with two floors, gardens and a tatami room where meetings and meals take place on the second floor.

Lucas advocates for living an eco-friendly lifestyle and promotes healthy eating in his publications. He strongly believes in celebrating and sharing different local cultures from around the world, citing Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion map as his source of inspiration in this philosophy.

Professional Career

Lucas entered publishing after graduating college. Within three years he established Tokion magazine that brought Japanese youth culture into global awareness before selling it and creating travel title Papersky.

At the University of Kansas, he immersed himself in basketball, excelling as a forward. During his senior season he averaged 11.0 points, 6.0 rebounds and 3.0 blocked shots per game – impressive stats indeed!

Lucas is also an accomplished filmmaker, having directed various short and feature films himself; most notably a documentary on Francis Ford Coppola’s The Rain People; as well as shooting scenes for numerous TV shows and feature films, including shooting his own short film and two seasons of web series; shooting scenes for various TV shows and feature films; shooting TV show episodes and feature films as a director and shooting scenes from many others; serving as assistant director on several major productions as a producer or assistant director respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas founded Knee High Media Japan in 1996 and launched Tokion (Japanese for “The Sound of Now”). This publication combined Japanese youth culture with contemporary American trends such as movies, music and art.

Mysterious Japan was also written by him and recounts life in its palaces and moated castles over 200 years of isolation.

Dr. Anderson is an accomplished recitalist, adjudicator and clinician for bands and orchestras across the US and internationally. He has premiered/commissioned pieces by composers Fisher Tull, Jacques Casterede, Derek Bourgeouis Adam Gorb David Maslanka Franz Cibulka Alun Hoddinott as well as teaching his students the skills required for top orchestras and ensembles – winning multiple international trombone competitions including the ITA Frank Smith award.

Personal Life

Lucas has made magazines his life’s work since publishing his first publication as an elementary schooler. He finds everything about them captivating – from paper quality and design, through content development and publishing to distribution. Lucas sees each issue of magazines he produces as art, culture and history condensed between two covers.

Lucas enjoys traveling and discovering other cultures. His experiences serve as a source of inspiration and information when creating the content for Papersky; for example, during 2017’s Swiss special feature using landscape paintings as motif to convey both nature and culture within that country.

Lucas lives a full and rewarding family life with his wife and three children, enjoying exploring historic homes, art galleries and West End shows when he isn’t playing video games or attending West End shows – not forgetting his passion for soccer and his pet Alexandrine parakeet Coco (Coco for short).

Net Worth

He enjoys an enormously wide fanbase due to his infectious music. Additionally, he’s extremely skilled at what he does and possesses an outstanding voice as an urban rapper.

Without formal acting lessons, he made his film debut with a small part in Kevin Costner’s The War (1994) when he was only 11. Later he also appeared on TV series American Gothic and NCIS New Orleans.

Lucas sold his production company, Lucasfilm Ltd., for $4 billion cash and stock. Lucas’ production company helped pioneer techniques like special effects, sound design, computer animation with subsidiaries like THX Ltd, Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light and Magic.

Lucas also participates in various charitable efforts through the George Lucas Foundation, donating money for various causes ranging from wildlife projects, refugee aid and inner city youth support initiatives.

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