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Travel Writer and Photographer – Lucas Peters

Lucas Peters is an author and photographer based out of Iceland who has published articles in locations spanning from Bulgaria to Iceland. His work has appeared in publications like En Route, Transitions Abroad, Veg News. Additionally he authored Moon Morocco as well as its companion guidebook Moon Marrakesh & Beyond.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Peters was raised on his family’s corn, soybean and cow/calf operation in Clark, South Dakota. Having graduated with a degree in agricultural economics from South Dakota State University he then entered seed sales and crop insurance before returning home for good.

Simon was one of the earliest disciples Jesus called, with different Gospel accounts giving different accounts of when and where this occurred. Matthew, Mark and Luke place Simon’s call in Galilee while John emphasizes his reputation as Jesus had seen Simon as being like a rock from their first encounter.

After being found not guilty by reason of insanity, Lucas was taken in for placement at White Cottage at Elgin Psychiatric Center by defendant, the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (DMHDD). Lucas filed an eight-count complaint challenging this placement decision.

Professional Career

Lucas Peters is a professional writer and photographer who has written for travel publications like En Route, Transitions Abroad, and Voyage Report. Additionally, he wrote and published the guidebook Moon Morocco by Avalon Publishing.

Professional Ag Services currently employs him as an Account Specialist, where he assists clients with all aspects of crop insurance. He has extensive experience dealing with livestock and grain customers.

Since 2010, he has held this position and brings expertise in marketing, sales and customer service to this job. Additionally, he holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture as well as being certified with NAU Crop Insurance to serve producers throughout Southern Minnesota and SD. With a passion for protecting farmers investments he strives to help farmers protect their investments through crop insurance coverage.

Achievement and Honors

He co-wrote and directed American Graffiti in 1973, winning Golden Globe and New York Film Critics awards. Four years later he created Star Wars, an intergalactic adventure which broke box office records while garnering seven Academy Awards.

He founded Lucasfilm Ltd., comprising Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound as well as THX, an entertainment standards provider for movie theaters and home entertainment systems.

He is a member of The Giving Pledge along with fellow billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and founded Edutopia as a nonprofit that drives innovation in education. Additionally, he contributed funds towards building state-of-the-art educational buildings at University of Southern California.

Personal Life

Lucas Peters first arrived in Morocco in 2009 in search of new opportunities and adventures abroad. Since then he has written and photographed both Moon Morocco’s country guidebook series as well as Moon Marrakesh and Beyond guides; articles by him have appeared in publications like En Route, Transitions Abroad, Travel Zoo, The Luxury Blog and Veg News.

He has enjoyed drinking wine alongside monks at Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, squeezing through melting glaciers in Iceland, and road-tripping across most of Europe. Additionally, he has dined at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca; caught the Marrakech Express; and become increasingly disoriented within Fez medina’s labyrinthine pathways.

Luke Peters was an avid golfer and deeply loved his family, particularly his grandchildren and granddogs. He leaves behind his wife Sheryl, daughter Lucas (Natasha) Peters, son Joshua Peters and daughters Amber West and Sophia Peters; brother LaMar Peters; sister Lenise Howard and many nieces, nephews, cousins.

Net Worth

Lucas Peters, an esteemed journalist renowned for over four decades of work as a Syndicated Political Columnist for Lowell Sun, enjoys an annual salary that makes up his satisfactory living expenses and has amassed quite an fortune over time.

His personal life remains quite confidential; no information about any potential partners has been disclosed yet; he is believed to be single at present.

Woodworker Lucas also enjoys building small furniture projects and cabinetry from wood. Traveling has always been his passion; he has traveled to several countries around the globe, experiencing new cultures and learning their traditions. Lucas can speak multiple languages including English, French and Arabic fluently – as well as photography! Additionally he authored two travel guides published by Moon: Moon Morocco and Marrakesh and Beyond.

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