Lucas Shortreed

Victims of the Hit-and-Run Death of Lucas Shortreed

Lucas Shortreed was walking home after attending a party when he was struck by a white Dodge Neon which drove off, even though police searched within 100-miles radius in Wellington County. Neither his injuries nor the car could be located by police.

David Halliburton received a two-and-a-half year sentence, three-year driving prohibition, six months of house arrest and must submit her DNA sample for testing to a database. Anastasia Halliburton received six months house arrest.

Early Life and Education

On Tuesday in Guelph, Ontario, family members of 18-year-old Lucas Shortreed read victim impact statements as David and Anastasia Halliburton were sentenced for his hit-and-run death on Oct 10, 2008 as he walked home from a party. Their family claims the couple have devastated Fergus by not coming forward about what happened after killing Shortreed without coming forward about what had occurred that evening.

After years of pleas from police, friends, and family, the Halliburtons’ White Dodge Neon was found hidden on their property – an important breakthrough that prompted police to search their properties before arresting the couple in September 2023.

Professional Career

Lucas Shortreed was a proud member of Fergus, Ontario community. A kind soul with a genuine desire to assist others, Lucas worked at Wellington Terrace long term care home nearby.

On October 10, 2008, while walking home from a party in Alma, he was struck and killed by a vehicle, with its driver fleeing the scene of his collision.

OPP suspected the vehicle in question to be a white 1995 to 1997 Dodge Neon and investigated over 100 tips until discovering it buried on a property in Mapleton Township last September.

David and Anastasia Halliburton entered into a plea agreement Tuesday in front of an overflow crowd in Guelph court regarding Lucas Shortreed’s death, admitting four charges: failing to remain at an accident causing bodily harm or death, obstruction of justice and careless storage of firearm.

Achievement and Honors

Shortreed was an avid fisherman and cook who enjoyed woodworking. Additionally, he was an exemplary great-grandfather and family man; born to Patricia and Patrick Shortreed of Rockwood, Michigan. Additionally, he joined his local fire department.

One year on from Lucas Shortreed’s hit-and-run death, his family are hoping to find some closure. Police have put up public billboards and established a $50,000 reward in an attempt to generate new leads in this case.

John Moore, Shortreed’s uncle, stressed the significance of this reward by noting its connection with justice alone – rather, it serves to remind them to remember him fondly as they move forward with life without him.

Personal Life

Shortreed’s family describes him as an extremely kind individual who enjoyed working his Dairy Queen job and gardening at Wellington Terrace – a seniors long term care home – to keep busy. Additionally, he participated in a landscaping co-op and was very close to both of his grandparents, especially his grandmother whom he often brought cats over for visits in Fergus.

On October 10, 2008, Shortreed left a party in Alma and began walking 14 kilometers towards Fergus where his family resided. Someone driving a 1995-1997 white Dodge Neon struck Shortreed from behind on an isolated stretch of road before driving away without giving chase.

Police had received many tips over time, but on Sept. 21, 2022 it finally paid off. Acting on a tip, Ontario Provincial Police executed a warrant search at David and Anastasia Halliburton’s property in Mapleton Township near where Shortreed had been murdered and discovered their hidden car. On Dec. 9, 2022 David Halliburton was given two and half years in jail while Anastasia received six months house arrest with 200 hours of community service service as punishment.

Net Worth

Ferrus — Each year on the Friday before Thanksgiving marks an anniversary of Lucas Shortreed’s death at 18-years-old. On November 26, 2008 he was hit by a vehicle on Wellington Road 17 near Alma and its driver left without anyone being held accountable.

Police were suspicious that a 1995-1997 white Dodge Neon was involved, so they received and investigated several hundred tips over 14 years without success in finding it. Finally, in 2022 they conducted a search on property in Mapleton Township and discovered it hidden there.

David Halliburton entered a plea of guilty Tuesday before Guelph Court for failing to remain at an accident scene causing bodily harm or death and obstruction of justice, while his wife Anastasia entered an identical plea plus careless storage of firearms.

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