Lucid Pants

These one-of-a-kind pants were created with long and beautiful legs in mind and feature figure-hugging details, high waist super flare detailing and are the ideal pair to pair with a blazer or faux fur for an iconic chic look.

Lucid faces similar difficulties to other electric vehicle startups: shortages in supply, battles for talent and unsettling investors – plus dealing with something called carpeting!

Professional Career

Demery Jayne Signature Collection pieces. This figure-hugging, high waist, super flare pant is sure to flatter. Perfectly fitting if your legs are long and beautiful!

As uncomfortable gear can take away from your climb, the Houdini Men’s Lucid Pants feature climbing-ready Liquid Rock poly fabric for ultralight, highly-ventilated comfort that keeps up with vertical pursuits.

These pants feature extra baggy construction, giving them an air of tailored sophistication not often found in pants, according to Strategist associate editor Jenna Milliner-Waddell.

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