Lynne Foose

Lynne Foose – Vice President and Corporate Financial Officer of Foose Design Inc

Foose Design specializes in illustration, graphics, ideation, modeling and surfacing as well as complete construction of automobiles and products. Based in Huntington Beach, California.

Lynn manages their legal processes and handles many financial decisions on behalf of their business, making them an exceptional team. They both work well together.

Early Life and Education

Lynne Foose serves as Vice President and Corporate Financial Officer of Foose Design Inc, her husband being Chip Foose who is renowned for his automobile designs and artwork, winning multiple awards. Chip has also appeared on Overhaulin reality show as part of his success story.

Foose has contributed his expertise in car design to several movies, such as Blade Runner and RoboCop. Additionally, he designed and constructed cars for Overhaulin TV show.

After graduating Orange Coast College in 1990, Foose worked at two separate companies simultaneously: Sternberger Design full time and Hot Rods by Boyd Coddington part-time. Later he left Sternberger to work with J Mays at Ford; however Coddington persuaded him to remain and become his president instead before coddington and Foose established Foose Design together.

Professional Career

Foose began his car design career at Boyd Coddingtons Hot Rods by Boyd. Following a brief period at Unique Performance, Foose launched Foose Design; an organization which specializes in designing and building automobiles and related products.

Foose has appeared in multiple television programs such as Overhaulin, Ultimate Car Build-Off, Rides and American Icon: The Hot Rod. In addition, he designed cars for movies such as Blade Runner, RoboCop and Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Foose Design Inc is led by Chip and Lynne Foose who work together as Vice President and Corporate Financial officer, respectively. Chip credits Lynne with being instrumental to his success; without her, Chip would not be where he is today. Together they have two children and reside in Southern California with an abundance of custom-built cars in their home.

Achievement and Honors

Lynne Foose serves as CFO and Vice President for Foose Designs, helping her husband build the company into one of the biggest in its field. Additionally, Lynne handles legal documents and administration services. As an MBA graduate of Western State College of Law she has two children named Brock and Katie whom she calls her own.

Foose first gained national renown through a TLC documentary examining his design and creation of a modified 2002 Thunderbird called Speedbird in 2003. Since 2004, his show Overhaulin’ has aired on TLC, but can now be found on Discovery Velocity Turbo as well.

He has earned numerous honors and awards including America’s Most Beautiful Roadster seven times, Ridler Award four times and Goodguys Trendsetter eight times – as well as creating film cars for movies such as Blade Runner and Gone in 60 Seconds.

Personal Life

Chip Foose, known for his automobile designs and art work, is married with two children and well known in his field of automobile design and art. Among his many achievements are being honored with induction into Darryl Starbird Rod & Custom Car Museum Hall of Fame as well as receiving both Ridler Award and Goodguys Street Rod of the Year Awards.

Foose Design currently employs over 200 staff members. Additionally, he founded Ridemakerz customizable toy car business.

He is also well known as the host of Overhaulin on television, while Lynne plays an invaluable role in her husband’s career, serving as Vice President and Corporate Financial Officer of Foose Design Inc and providing invaluable support for Foose to achieve his dreams.

Net Worth

Lynn Foose serves as Vice President and CFO for Foose Design Inc, her husband Chip Foose being well known American television personality, businessman, entrepreneur, automotive designer/fabricator known for reality show Overhaulin; designing dream vehicles to bring customers’ ideas to reality. Lynn and Chip share many interests that allow Foose Design Inc to stay at the top of its game; Lynn manages daily operations while Chip oversees big picture strategy discussions with clients as they dream up vehicles they desire – often making seemingly unthinkable plans come to fruition!

As early as seven years old, Boyd began working at his father’s company Project Design on automobiles. Graduating from Art Center College of Design in 1990, he went on to work for Sternberger Design and then part time for Boyd Coddington before opening Hot Rods by Boyd in 1998.

As seen on TLC reality show Overhaulin, this event caused him to gain widespread fame. Additionally, he has made appearances in several tv shows and documentaries like Funkmaster Flex Car Show Tour and Chasing Classic cars.

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