Magazine Subscription Gift Printable

Magazine Subscription and Free Printable Gift Tags

Magazine subscriptions make an ideal holiday or birthday present, as they allow you to share a new issue with someone special while saving money on cover price of magazines. There are various subscription options available such as 6 month, annual and bi-monthly.

The Advantages of a Print Subscription:

Many people still value printed material that they can hold in their hands and feel. This is especially true for those who may have difficulty with online media or simply want to take a break from their phones and tablets.

They can be an excellent option for younger children just beginning to read. Not only does a subscription to a print magazine provide fun activities and stories each month, but it is also suitable for kids of all ages.

Craft Gift Magazines:

Looking for something to keep the kids busy while they’re watching television or reading a craft magazine such as Mollie Makes, Simply Sewing or Embroidery? These magazines offer inspiring projects, tips and tricks and provide great inspiration for new crafts to try.

Magazines such as Knitting or Crocheting can be an excellent gift for any young person or aspiring artist to learn a new skill. These magazines make excellent presents and can be given as gifts.

Free Printable Gift Tags:

If a subscription isn’t the ideal fit for your recipient, there are still plenty of other options. Purchase an issue of the magazine and attach a simple gift tag that announces the subscription – perfect if you’re short on time but still want to show how much you care!

You can download our free printable gift tag below and print it on white cardstock paper. Simply loop some ribbon through for an adorable bow, and your present is complete!

The Believer:

After half a decade away, The Believer returns with four issues of its beloved literary journal. Renowned for its humorous columns, interviews with world-famous writers and creative features, The Believer is back with an exciting guest advice columnist (whose identity you must discover!), surprise art writer and plenty of new ingredients!

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