malus adams

Crab Apples – Malus Adams

Crab apples (also known as schoolboy apples) belong to the same genus (Malus). They tend to be smaller and sweeter than regular domesticated orchard apples.

“Adams” is a deciduous flowering crab apple cultivar with bright red, persistent fruit. According to Backyard Gardener, this cultivar makes an excellent landscape choice as it resists scab, fire blight and mildew damage.

Early Life and Education

Adams began keeping a journal during his time as schoolmaster. In it he detailed his struggles to make an impressionful mark on the world; he desired an intellectually stimulating career such as an attorney’s practice or writing; however he became disgruntled with social aspects of teaching children.

Apple and crabapple trees belong to the Malus genus; their fruits differ based on size; trees that produce fruit larger than 2 inches (5 cm) across are classified as apples while those producing fruits below this threshold are considered crabapples.

This upright and broad-rounded deciduous tree boasts fragrant deep pink single flowers in mid-spring followed by large, blood red fruits that persist well into fall. Leaves emerge with reddish tints in spring before darkening to green in summer before taking on orange-red hues in fall – an extended season of interest and superior disease resistance make this variety ideal for landscape use.

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