Maria Shriver Without Makeup

Maria Shriver With No Makeup

Maria Shriver looked different and unrecognisable when she was spotted in Los Angeles last week. She looked like she had stepped off the pages of an advertisement rather than in the real world. The former First Lady of California was pictured strolling around the city without any makeup on, and her appearance caught the attention of fans. Many speculated that someone had to have Photoshopped the photo.

For her outing, she wore a lavender tee, black leggings, gray sneakers, and a brown bag. She looked like she was having a great time. She even smiled for the camera as she checked out a construction site for her new home. Her hair was pinned back in a clip. A simple bracelet and a huge ring were also on her arm.

Despite having a very active social media presence, Maria Shriver’s appearance was surprisingly simple. Her outfit did not have the glam factor that is typical of the actress’ looks, and her hair was a little unkempt. Although the photos were taken in Los Angeles, it is very unlikely that she has spent much time in the City of Angels recently. Rather, she was in the Santa Monica area to check on a construction project for her new home.

One fan on Twitter said that Maria’s new look was the “scintilla of the real deal,” and that she had “never walked around LA without makeup before.” However, it was her hairstyle that caught the eye of many. Unlike previous incarnations of the First Lady of California, she opted to keep her long, brunette locks out of her face, and she pinned the front of it away from her face. This is not a typical red carpet style, but the fact that she was able to pull it off prompted fans to ask a few questions. Most curiously, why had the photographer opted to take a picture of Maria without any makeup?

Fans are certainly not impressed with the simplicity of her outfit, and many of her followers on Twitter have been trollish about her latest appearance. Some have even compared her to the Star Trek character Klingon. Others claim that her new look is the most important thing she has done in years. Other fans have commended her on her for her accomplishments, but criticized her for her lack of fashion sense.

While the photo may have been edited, it is still interesting to note the way that the new look of Maria Shriver has been praised by some and slammed by others. Her latest photo has even caught the attention of her ex-husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the former first lady proclaimed her intention to move on with her life, and she has already signed on to a new TV series starring Chris Pratt.

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