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Rabbi Mark Kula Brings a Jewish Perspective to UM

Mark Kula brought a Jewish perspective to UM by prioritizing cultivating an inclusive Kehilla (community). Additionally, he placed importance on relationships.

As part of their refusal to waive the ETT and restore Kula to his position as chief of police, defendants offered him as an alternate accommodation “reassignment to a current approved vacancy that you qualify for”. No evidence was provided as to where or what this vacancy might exist.

Early Life and Education

Rabbi Kula is an ardent student of Jewish life who fully embodies its call to Tikkun Olam – or repair of the world. Additionally, he actively donates his time and resources to numerous non-profits while sitting on boards of directors.

He has held various chairship positions at different organizational levels within education, engineering development and the information society. Additionally, he has written many books and numerous articles related to lifelong learning, management and educational administration.

Kula is married to Coreen Duffy, Associate Professor and Director of Choral Activities at University of Montana School of Music, with whom he shares two children: Charlotte and Asher. Kula values strong relationships, vibrant communities and imparting Jewish wisdom in an approachable, authentic, joyful fashion – earning distinction for educational programming that fosters cultural, intellectual, and spirited Judaism.

Professional Career

Markkula has made significant contributions to Silicon Valley’s tech industry through mentorship and investments that encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship, diversity advocacy in tech, sustainable practices in his personal life and those he invests in, advocacy of diversity policies in tech industry and championing sustainability practices within companies he invests in.

Kula has been serving South Florida’s Jewish community as both cantor and rabbi for almost 30 years, prioritizing creating a caring Kehilla, or sacred community, while deeply cherishing relationships. Now in Montana as full-time rabbi he brings this same philosophy.

He prioritizes supporting students and staff by helping them develop leadership and interpersonal skills, providing an ethical context for the community, and supporting educational initiatives focused on education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

Achievement and Honors

Rabbi Kula is a spiritual guide who emphasizes the significance of inclusion. His primary goal is creating an inclusive Kehilla or sacred community while upholding Jewish wisdom, as well as advocating environmental conservation efforts.

He is known for his insatiable curiosity and lifelong learning commitment, while serving as an advocate for diversity within the tech industry.

He also maintains a deep dedication to the University of Montana, lending religious insights and guidance in celebrating Jewish holidays like Hanukkah on campus. Additionally, he offered prayer requests for a victory at last month’s Brawl of the Wild football game; without taking credit for its success himself. He simply wanted to help.

Personal Life

Mark Kula moved from Miami to Montana in 2018 with no idea of what to expect. His wife Coreen Duffy works at the University of Montana as Director of Choral Activities and Assistant Professor of Music; as such he wanted to get acquainted with Jewish life on campus so contacted Hillel International, one of the world’s largest campus Jewish organizations.

Stacie Craig, a graduate student in anthropology, praises Kula as an invaluable addition to UM. “He brings such an interesting perspective,” she noted, including making sure students know about keeping kosher and celebrating Hanukkah holidays properly. Furthermore, Kula “is just such an easy person to talk with!” she concluded.

Net Worth

Since leaving Apple, Markkula has spent his time focused on several startup companies and charitable ventures. He currently sits on the board for Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics as well as owning over 14,000 acres at Rana Creek Ranch in Washington State.

He is an unassuming individual who prefers not to attract attention. He and his wife reside in Northern California.

Details regarding their marriage and children remain scarce, yet it is clear they are contentedly in love. He has donated to various causes as a supporter of association football club Inter Turku; his net worth has been estimated at $5 Million; in addition, he owns numerous impressive properties such as a ranch in Colorado and estate in Woodside, California.

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