Mark Stever

Mark Stever – A Memoir of a Science Adviser

Stever also plays lap steel and banjo, contributing his talents to Coheed and Cambria albums by doing so. Furthermore, he’s involved with Fire Deuce as a musician.

The collection contains teaching materials, meeting minutes, student papers, articles, reports and routine correspondence relating to national science and technology policies. Government committee material often sheds light on these national priorities.

Early Life and Education

Stever spent his early professional years working for national and international organizations with no direct ties to government, such as committees to evaluate the National Academy of Sciences and NSF; additionally he served as Science Advisor to Presidents Nixon and Ford.

This collection consists of correspondence, meeting material, reports on projects, departmental information and routine memoranda from Stever’s work on corporate boards such as T.R.W and Scherring Plough or with advisory groups.

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Professional Career

This series comprises correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, notes and other routine materials about Stever’s professional activities and career path, such as membership on government committees and consulting for various science companies as well as his participation with professional aeronautical and engineering societies.

The collection contains transcripts of an oral history interview conducted with Stever by Michael Gorn for the Air Force Historical Office, as well as materials that document his involvement with various agencies such as U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board; Navy Aerodynamics Laboratory and Defense Science Board (testimony on changing NACA to NASA).

Stever was appointed director of both NSF and OSTP during this period; however, most of their files document his personal, social, and professional activities during that time frame. These activities included his participation on numerous committees and quasi-governmental projects related to aerospace research.

Achievement and Honors

Stever amassed most of this series after leaving the White House. He continued serving on government committees, acting as consultant to science oriented companies and maintaining contact with universities; most committees or projects related to aerospace or defense research.

Stever’s collection also contains notes, exams, and assignments from his undergraduate courses at Colgate University and graduate studies at California Institute of Technology. Furthermore, there is some material relating to his involvement with Institute of Aerospace Science, such as serving as president before its merger into American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Personal Life

Stever’s family includes his wife and two daughters. Additionally, he is an active musician playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass guitar, lap steel and dobro for Coheed and Cambria (he can be found on many albums as credited) as well as with a side project called Fire Deuce.

The collection contains some material from Stever’s years as president of Carnegie Tech (Carnegie Institute of Technology). Most of this collection documents his activities with professional engineering societies, social functions associated with university life and social clubs he joined; official university files can be found at Carnegie Mellon archives; however this collection primarily comprises correspondence, speeches, biographies reports press releases articles.

Net Worth

Stever has earned his wealth, unlike some celebrities who may inherit significant sums from parents or relatives. His music brings in revenue and as an investment banker. Furthermore, he owns property, cars and investments – making for an impressive portfolio.

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