Marmarabirlik Olives

Marmarabirlik Olives

Olives are packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, making them a staple ingredient in many dishes and making an irresistible hors d’oeuvre.

Gemlik olives (Tirilye) are small black olives enjoyed at breakfast in Turkey. Curated traditionally and possessing high levels of oil content, Gemliks are commonly consumed during breakfast service.

Early Life and Education

Olives are an integral part of Turkish cuisine and used in various forms – from cured olives and salads, to pickled varieties. Olive cultivation dates back over 6,000 years; Turkey being one of the major olive producers worldwide.

Marmarabirlik is one of the leading producers of table olives in Turkey. Their profits have quadrupled over the last seven years and they hope to expand exports into European countries.

Our company also produces low-salt olives that are ideal for those consuming less sodium or with certain medical conditions, produced by pasteurizing carefully selected Marmarabirlik olives with thin crusts and small seeds that are easily separated from their core. They make an exquisite addition to cocktails!

Professional Career

Marmarabirlik is Turkey’s leading olive brand and prides itself on creating high quality, all natural products. Their olive paste is produced using only natural methods and contains all of the same vitamins found in its original counterpart – perfect for spreading on bread or crackers or even just straight out of the jar as we do!

These black olives make a delicious and nutritional Mediterranean diet staple, providing numerous health benefits including digestive immunity and improved skin and hair quality. Naturally fermented and lightly salted to preserve flavor and texture, these olives come packaged in resealable packaging for extended shelf life and come from carefully selected Marmarabirlik olives with thin crust, small seeds and abundant flesh.

Achievement and Honors

Olives are one of the key components in Turkish cuisine. Their health benefits make them an integral component of many dishes; not only can they add a delightfully nutty taste, but they can also protect our teeth and bones; therefore it is very important that olives become part of our daily diets.

Marmarabirlik was established in 1954 and today stands as the world’s largest natural fermented black and green table olive, olive oil, and olive paste producer. Comprised of four agricultural sales cooperatives from Gemlik, Mudanya, Orhangazi, and Edincik districts of Turkey, its operations encompass all natural fermentation techniques used in production.

Our company produces and markets high-quality olives to domestic and international consumers, as well as offering licensed trading storage facilities to associate producers.

Personal Life

Olives are an integral component of Turkish breakfast, often found on bread, pastries and sandwiches as well as being used in salads and appetizers. Their abundance of vitamins and minerals provides essential protection from heart diseases.

They are first washed with salt water to remove bitterness, before being packed into vacuum packaging for distribution to consumers. Available in multiple sizes, these crispy snacks make a delicious snack or meal addition!

Gemlik type black olives feature thin skins with plenty of pulp that’s easily separated from its seed, offering plenty of nutrition at every bite. Packed in boxes with resealable lids for convenient long-term storage, they make a nutritious addition to the Mediterranean diet; high calcium, phosphor and potassium content as well as iron and vitamin E make these tasty morsels excellent additions that enhance digestive immunity as well as improving hair and skin quality.

Net Worth

Olives are a beloved Mediterranean snack, known for their high levels of vitamins and minerals such as cellulose, potassium, calcium, sulfur iron and vitamins C & E. They’re often eaten raw for salad or mixed into dishes or recipes as an ingredient.

United States-grown olives are predominantly used for oil production, although a significant quantity is also sold fresh or processed for human consumption. Demand has surged due to increasing awareness of olive oil’s health benefits and rising consumer awareness of them.

Gemlik black olives are washed and brined naturally for optimal health benefits, making them an excellent addition to breakfast meals. Their low calories count and powerful antioxidant content may protect against cancer, depression and heart diseases while decreasing risks.

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