Marvin Thom

Marvin Thom – Florida State Seminole

Thom was an active member of his community, serving on Mohall fire department, ambulance service, Masonic Lodge and various city boards as well as ranching and farming operations.

He leaves behind his wife Kay; children Steve and Tammy; grandchildren Dyllan and Michael; brother Garland Bourg Sr; as well as many nieces, nephews and cousins.

Early Life and Education

Marvin Thom was born and raised on a family farm near Kramer, North Dakota. He attended country school before traveling to Bottineau High School where his teachers often thought he was so clever they allowed him to bypass grades because they admired him so much. He would often tell stories of skipping classes due to being so intelligent.

In 1952, he married Harriet Wood and moved with her to Whitby Township near Bottineau where they farmed together for 23 years, together with their dog named Whitby.

He was active in numerous organizations and strongly believed in contributing to his community. A charismatic leader with a humorous demeanor, he lightened board meetings by keeping things lighthearted while being an effective communicator. His membership included Concordia Lutheran Church, Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits and Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County.

Professional Career

He was an integral component of Florida State’s dominant teams. He made history as the first Seminole ever to earn All-American recognition twice during their careers.

His professional career began in minor league baseball before making a transition into NFL with Minnesota Vikings before being cut in final round of cuts.

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Achievement and Honors

Marvin Thom was an active participant in Mohall community life. He served as fireman, ambulance driver, bus driver for school districts, airport authority board member, city council representative and Renville-Bottineau Memorial Hospital board member; furthermore he belonged to both Masonic lodges and Zion Lutheran church congregation.

Marvin Thom contributed generously to many local charitable causes. As an inaugural member of Midwest TeleMark International and with his company being recognized as a leader within its industry. Marvin received several awards for his business efforts. Marvin passed away peacefully on February 18, 2022 in Maddock, North Dakota at age 89 years old; predeceased by Martin and Ruth Thom (Myles); his wife Harriet Wood remains his survivor.

Personal Life

Marvin Thom was deeply engaged in his community throughout his lifetime, serving on several boards such as Mohall School District, Airport Authority and City Council. Additionally, he belonged to Zion Lutheran Church, Masonic Lodge and North Dakota Aviation Association.

Marvin was deeply committed to his family life. He had three sons – William, Robert and Kathryn – as well as one daughter named Kathryn. Marvin was especially proud of his grandchildren: Sarah Summers, Jaclyn Hall, Andrew Onstad, Kylie Lodoen Eric Berryman and Kendra Hamnes.

Marvin Thom passed away at Maddock Nursing Home, North Dakota on February 18th at age 89 years. This page may contain adult content which may include crude language, sexual references and graphic violent images that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Net Worth

Marvin Thom earns significant income through his social media accounts, such as followers and retweets; therefore it’s essential that his accounts be closely monitored.

He is survived by his wife Harriet and sons William and Robert (Lorie) Thom of Maddock, North Dakota; grandchildren Sarah Summers, Jaclyn Hall, Andrew Onstad, Kylie Lodoen Eric Berryman Alicia Young Edward Thom as well as Karina Kayla Kendall Thom as great-grandchildren; Darlyne Froseth of Bottineau North Dakota and Mark and Jerry Thom both from Kramer North Dakota are his surviving relatives.

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