Marvina Thomas

Marvina Thomas is a Black Woman of Color in the Cannabis Industry

Marvina Thomas serves as an example to others within the cannabis industry, serving as proof that dreams do come true. Her success as an African-American female entrepreneur in legal cannabis serves as an encouragement that anything is possible!

Her businesses — 420 Skin Care and Medibles as well as Korto Momolu tunics inspired by ancient Egyptian tradition — use natural ingredients utilized by their predecessors; these components form the cornerstone of her business strategy.

Professional Career

Thomas has taken her passion and determination to become one of the first women of color to run a multi-state cannabis company, founding Fourtwenty Collections with products including CBD skincare, THC edibles, fashion line as well as THC skincare.

Starting out by creating skin care products for clients at Start Living Recovery Homes (SLRH), an opiate rehab home for both men and women, she discovered both CBD and THC’s curative properties.

She took a chance and invested her personal savings into co-founding 420 Skincare with Parisa Rad of MJ Momma Consulting. Additionally, she serves as co-market leader of Women Grow Phoenix and has helped numerous people within the industry land jobs.

Personal Life

Marvina Thomas holds the 20th of April close to her heart, as it marks a special momentous event in her cannabis executive career. Thomas owns Fourtwenty Collections, a BIPOC-owned business offering CBD skincare and THC and CBD-infused edibles; recently they received their vertically integrated medical dispensary license in Safford, Arizona.

As both a registered nurse and entrepreneur, she has dedicated her life to serving others. Trinity Care Services, her group home for men and women undergoing substance abuse treatment. 420 Skin Care and Medible sales proceeds help support Trinity Care Services as well as her 501(c)3 nonprofit Start Living Behavioral Health.

Thomas was inspired by her passions for Egypt, women’s empowerment, and cannabis to work with designer Korto Momolu to develop Queen of the Nile (QotN), an innovative line of flowy fashion which debuted at Tempe fashion incubator FABRIC for their fall runway show debut. QotN marked Arizona’s inaugural cannabis-inspired runway show!

Net Worth

Thomas has built an impressive business portfolio. She runs Fourtwenty Collections, an Arizona-based cannabis company offering CBD skincare and THC/CBD edibles. Additionally, Thomas founded Trinity Care Services rehabilitation clinic to support those struggling with addiction or mental health issues.

Marvina Thomas is not only active in her personal endeavors but is an advocate for cannabis industry as a whole. She serves as market leader for Women Grow – an organization dedicated to supporting and inspiring female leaders within cannabis.

As co-founder of MJ Momma Consulting agency, she specializes in connecting cannabis brands to both local and national consumers. As such, she has assisted numerous marijuana entrepreneurs establish their brands and gain visibility within the industry.

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