Masjid Adam

Masjid Adam – A Place For Worship and Contemplation

Masjid Adam welcomes everyone who wishes to worship, learn and reaffirm their faith in Allah. It provides an intimate place where worshippers can come together in worshipful silence or participate in activities like discussions and contemplations on faith matters.

While in Madinah, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would spend much of his free time at Masjid Adam. There would often be something going on that benefitted the local community there.

Early Life and Education

Our early childhood program aims to equip our children with strong Islamic foundations. This includes age-appropriate studies in Quraan memorization, Aqeedah, Hadeeth and Tafseer in accordance with principles from Qaaidah Bagdadiya study programs.

Our goal is to instill our children with an appreciation of Islam and Muslim culture that lasts a lifetime through stories, Qur’aan memorization, and hands-on activities.

Our curriculum is also designed to teach our children English language skills in an engaging learning environment, led by dedicated and caring teachers who love what they do!

Professional Career

Journalists are professionals who conduct research, investigations and interpret news for publication or broadcast across print, online and broadcast media platforms. Journalists conduct interviews for research programs on radio or TV as well as local, national or international news gathering.

As Director of Education, he is passionate about helping children connect to their Islamic identity and build strong foundations in Quran and Islamic studies. To this end, he leads an experienced team of teachers and volunteers that work directly with children to teach them about Islam.

He has over seven years of experience teaching youth at his masjid in areas including Quran, Islamic Studies, Tafseer and Arabic. Additionally, he led a summer camp specifically tailored for young people as well as an ongoing mentoring program for young people.

Achievement and Honors

Adam epitomised some of life’s finest achievements with an infectious optimism and firm conviction that significant change could occur. His contributions were both within education and to charitable endeavors – all well known and esteemed by those he met during his journey.

As an exceptional caregiver for both children and the disabled, he had an enduring influence in their lives that can still be felt today.

Personal Life

Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh is known for being an iconic YouTube personality, vlogger, performing artist and rapper; however, aside from that he also does much philanthropy work; visiting Pakistan and Uganda to aid underprivileged vagrants & outcasts.

He enjoys an impressive fan base and popularity continues to skyrocket through social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook; with an estimated following of around 350 thousand on each platform and an incredible 1.2 million following on Instagram alone!

He had an inextricable connection with Al Masjid Al Aqsa and felt it played an instrumental role in his life.

Net Worth

Adam Sosnick is an internationally acclaimed personality who has built his success through hard work and smart decisions. Now one of the wealthiest individuals worldwide, Adam stands as an inspirational role model to others who aspire to his height of success.

His estimated net worth stands at $3 Million – an impressive sum which can be attributed to his successful YouTuber career.

His enthusiastic fans drive him forward and have helped expand his business dramatically. He boasts an impressive YouTube channel and merchandise line which are both extremely profitable.

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