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Rising star Jordan Rakei earned fame and fortune through a successful career in stand-up comedy, acting, writing, YouTube channels and other platforms.

His appearances on shows like Wild ‘n Out and WTH: Welcome to Howler have increased both his fame and earnings. Furthermore, brand endorsements and product placements further added to his income stream.

Early Life and Education

Matt Rife was born September 10, 1981 in Columbus, Ohio to April Rife Chilton and mechanic Joson Sievers. Matt has one stepbrother named Christian Sievers as well as sister Taylor Chilton whom both raised him.

His interest in comedy was inspired by attending local talent shows and performances, sparking his journey as an entertainer by performing at local clubs.

In 2014, he made his television and theatrical film debut in Room 236, as Danny. Additionally, he featured in 10 episodes of Wild n on Tour as well as 2 live action episodes from Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.

John also earns money through public appearances and hosting, with brand endorsement agreements with companies like A.Tiziano, GarrCeeCollection, Gloveworx and HERA x HERO.

Professional Career

Matt Rife is an internationally-recognized comedian and actor with an avid following on TikTok where he regularly uploads stand-up comedy acts for viewers to enjoy. Additionally, Matt has appeared in many films and TV series.

His career was launched when he competed on NBC reality comedy show Bring the Funny, reaching the semi-final showcase round. Since then, he has released several self-produced specials such as Only Fans and Matthew Steven Rife.

He has appeared in films like North of the 10 and Average Joe, as well as TV series such as WTH: Welcome to Howler and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, making guest appearances on several other programs as well as comedy performances, film roles, brand endorsements and guest spots on various other programs – earning significant sums with these performances, roles and endorsements.

Achievement and Honors

Matt Rife has established himself in the comedy world through hard work and determination. His humor often touches upon pop culture topics that resonate with most American audiences, thus maintaining relevance and providing him with a steady income source.

Rife’s earnings also include his roles on television and film, such as Wild ‘N Out and WTH: Welcome to Howler. These two appearances have contributed substantially to his growing earnings.

Rife has performed as an opening act for comedy acts such as DL Hughley, Ralphie May and Dane Cook. Additionally, his participation in NBC reality competition Bring the Funny as well as self-produced specials have cemented his place as a notable name within the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Rife is an active social media influencer with an enormous following across various platforms. He remains unmarried at present and keeps his personal life under wraps.

First gaining notoriety while competing on the NBC comedy competition show Bring the Funny in 2019, he also performed stand-up comedy and has appeared in some films and television shows.

MTV’s Wild ‘N Out has enabled him to expand his fan base and widen his fan base, while acting roles such as Black Pumpkin and North of the 10 have provided additional sources of income for him.

Rife’s impressive career in the entertainment industry has amassed him an estimated net worth of $5 Million by 2023 and promises him even greater success going forward.

Net Worth

Rife has established himself in the entertainment industry through his self-produced comedy specials and appearances in movies and TV shows, garnering him considerable revenue that has enabled him to build up a considerable net worth.

He maintains a successful TikTok account where he posts comedic videos to millions of followers, helping him earn considerable sums of money from this endeavor.

His other source of income comes through endorsement and sponsorship deals with major corporations like Nike and HeraxHero, in addition to having amassed a considerable following on Instagram and hosting comedy events regularly – these activities bring additional compensation.

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