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Meet Cynthia Daniels, Founder of Memphis Black Restaurant Week and Boxlot Taste & See

Cynthia Daniels is best known for her contributions to Memphis Black Restaurant Week and other initiatives designed to support minority-owned eateries in Memphis. Additionally, she has assisted in organizing events like Black Bridal Expo, Soulful Food Truck Festival and Boxlot Taste & See.

Daniels allegedly admitted to police that she took Lesure’s phone, wallet containing $100, and went through his pockets while he lay unconscious before making off with both items over several days, then transferred $1500 back into her own account.

Early Life and Education

Daniels has long been at the forefront of civic engagement in Memphis. Her efforts to empower economic empowerment have earned her national attention; she founded Memphis Black Restaurant Week and other initiatives designed to bolster minority-owned eateries locally.

She has worked to advance educational reform. Additionally, she serves on multiple public bodies, including the National Research Council’s Committee on Human Spaceflight.

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Professional Career

Cynthia Daniels is an exceptional businesswoman who possesses the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. After being laid off from her corporate job, Cynthia turned her passion for event planning into a successful Memphis-based entrepreneurship career.

Billy Ray Dawson, then 20, led a bank robbery gang that carried out 30 bank heists throughout the southeastern United States during the mid 1970s. Memphis agents and other FBI offices worked hard to track them down; each successful capture earned Dawson a lucrative bounty payout from Memphis authorities and other offices.

In the early 1980s, Memphis agents joined with Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents to conduct Operation Rocky Top. Together, this joint effort exposed illegalities and bribery among charity bingo operators, lobbyists, regulators, and state legislators; an incredible accomplishment for Memphis Division agents and its partners.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels’ team managed to engage thousands of residents and create an intentionally inclusive and equitable comprehensive plan despite limited staff, funding, and an outdated development model. This plan not only addresses future needs in terms of infrastructure planning but also fosters a culture of community-driven planning.

Sam Moll (Baseball), Grant Milner (Men’s Golf), and Courtney Collins (Women’s Tennis). of Memphis were recognized with Louisiana Sports Writers Association Student-Athlete of the Week awards.

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Personal Life

Brandice Daniels hails from Memphis, Tennessee. Her love of music and history gave her an insight into the impact African American culture has had on America; using that passion she created a connection between contemporary fashion and its historical roots.

She works out of the company’s Memphis office and wears many hats – she coordinates meals for staff as necessary, ensures all incoming correspondence reaches its intended associate or client, oversees office policies and procedures, orders supplies as needed and more.

Shuntae Daniels has been charged with aggravated burglary, theft of property and identity theft as well as harassing another woman via unwanted text messages. Daniels holds a license as a social worker with expertise in anger management.

Net Worth

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