Merrell Twins Mom And Dad

Merrell Twins Mom and Dad

Vanessa Merrell and her twin sister Veronica Merrell were born on August 6th, 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri. They were born by cesarean delivery. Their umbilical cord was wrapped around their necks, which was a medical complication. Luckily, the cord was cut during the procedure and the twins were born healthy.

The Merrell Twins are known for their YouTube and Instagram videos. These sisters have been nominated for the prestigious Teen Choice Award for Choice Female Web Star in 2018. In addition, they have been nominated for the Shorty Awards for YouNower of the Year in 2019. Among their many accolades, they have won the Streamy Award for Best Live Social Media in 2016.

Although the Merrell Twins are well-known as artists, they also enjoy being social media stars. Both Veronica and Vanessa are extremely active on their own platforms. One of their most popular YouTube channels is called the Merrell Twins. This channel boasts of over 3.5 million subscribers. Also, their Instagram account has nearly 2 million followers.

At the age of 16, the twins moved to Los Angeles, where they attended California State University, Northridge. In their first year, they made their debut on television with the series Jane the Virgin. However, they soon became known for their online videos. After being featured in numerous YouTube videos, the twins were able to start earning money from their work on the platform.

Since their debut on YouTube, the Merrell Twins have continued to produce entertaining content. Their videos range from comedy sketches to challenges, songs, and covers. They have earned over 700,000,000 views on their videos.

Merrell Twins also have a clothing line that they launched in July 2018. Currently, the sisters have over 1.7 million followers on their TikTok and Instagram accounts. When they were children, they were drawn to music. Eventually, they started learning how to play various instruments.

Despite their popularity on the Internet, Vanessa and Veronica have not had many relationships. However, they did have a relationship with Aaron Van Wormer. Initially, they dated for about a year. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last. It did however, open the door for the two sisters to get involved with other famous YouTube and Instagram personalities.

While the Merrell Twins are known for their online videos, they have also been recognized for their acting skills. They have appeared in several TV shows including Jane the Virgin. As of now, they are still working on their upcoming films.

The twins have also been nominated for the prestigious Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Female Social Star in 2020. Though they haven’t been in too many relationships, they have received some positive feedback from their fans. They have also had excellent support from their parents.

Like any other artist, the Merrell Twins have had their share of struggles. For example, Vanessa suffered from breathing problems. She was also a little bit underdeveloped, so she had to be closely monitored. Fortunately, she recovered.

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