Michael Jackson Bad Tour Costume

Michael Jackson Bad Tour Costume

Michael Jackson was no stranger to wearing the most stylish costume during his shows. The singer had previously donned a silver leotard on the Dangerous Tour. During the BAD Tour, however, he changed up his attire. He wore a black suit and a silver spandex shirt with black detailing and a metal snap at the proper left front.

The “Man in the Mirror” jacket was also a staple on the Bad Tour. It had a military theme, including a zipper that resembled an outline of the eponymous zipper and a military-style cap. The jacket also included crystals on the shoulders and a large ring of Swarovski crystals at the neckline.

However, the jacket’s real show-stopper was its ability to light up. When it was lit up, the front, back, and sides of the jacket transformed into a bright, colorful pattern. In addition, the jacket featured a snazzy tie made of metal. Interestingly, the tie actually looked like a peace sign when worn.

Michael Jackson was also known for his patented shoes, which he invented with Bush and Thompkins. The company’s signature shoes are a must-have on any rock ‘n roll fan’s closet. They come in a variety of colors, from the classic black to the spiky red. These shoes are also known to be the hardest to find, especially in pristine condition. After Jackson’s death in 2009, a collection of over 100 items from the musician’s illustrious career was sold at a rock ‘n roll auction. Many of these items were sold for over $1 million.

Other notable outfits worn during the tour include the gold “TII Smooth Criminal” and the purple “J5 Medley” suits. Although these outfits were not particularly show-stopping, they did demonstrate that Michael Jackson was a master of fashion.

For the second outfit, Michael opted for a vintage Levi’s denim jacket. This was a great decision because the jacket was not only a great source of inspiration, but the material was also a great match for the song’s theme.

A silver spandex shirt with black details and a large metal snap at the proper left front was another signature item. This shirt was worn on the Dangerous Tour as well. While the jacket may have been more impressive, the silver shirt was a no-brainer. Another bonus was the asymmetrical zipper closure. On the Bad Tour, the shirt was slightly longer than usual.

Besides the outfits, Michael also wore sunglasses and an assortment of sunglasses during his shows. His best-known pair is the aforementioned mirrored pair, which he wore on the Bad Tour. Lastly, he wore an elaborately-designed silver tiara during the 1993 Superbowl. With this and other items, the superstar’s wardrobe is the stuff of legends.

Despite the fact that the Silver Leotard was not actually worn by Michael during his last concert, it did provide stylistic inspiration for a gold leotard he wore on the Bad Tour. The silver tiara was a little less show-stopping than the Light Man ensemble, but it was still a show-stopper.

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